Friday, June 27, 2014

Lipstick of the Day: MAC Lipstick in Please Me

It's Friday!  I'm definitely looking forward for a productive weekend!   I can't believe I'm saying this but since becoming a mom, I don't think I have any day off and it is so true when they say, your parents devote all their time and effort to raise you and that's unconditional love!  *sniff* Mommy, daddy, I LOVE YOU!!!

Now back to a superficial topic before I blab more sentimental stuff!  

Lipstick!  I've had MAC Please Me for quite some time and I can't believe I didn't blog about this!  I didn't even take a product shot and used it right away upon purchase!  Silly me!  I guess there are times I just want to enjoy being a consumer and forget about being a blogger!  So yes, this is how Please Me looks on me! :D

Do you like it?
Well, I quite like it!  See just how much I've used?


With so many pink lipsticks out there, it is so easy to give this particular shade a slide but mind you, this is one pink shade that is quite hard to find its' cheaper counterpart (a.k.a. THE DUPE)

Why is this lipstick unique?  Well one major thing is that, this is quite creamy and applies like a dream.  How about the shade?  It's pink!  Not the bright pink you see that's coming out here and there but a toned-down creamy matte pink that doesn't make me look sick!  Yes, this particular shade leans to users with cool undertone but warm undertone users like myself can still get away with this, so yes, Please Me works for almost all skin tones!

The only downside I may share is that, very dry lips users may find this lippie still a tad bit drying!  Which, of course, I can't blame MAC as almost ALL lipsticks flakes on me!  

How do you find MAC Please Me Lipstick?
Do you think this shade would look good on you?

Happy Friday!  *kisses to everyone*

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. oh yes! it looks so good on you! and i bet it will on me too! haha.... it's a gorgeous shade! :)

    1. hahah thanks :) I'm sure it'll look good on you too

  2. Ahhh my fave pinky-nude lippie from MAC. :)

    1. I wonder which other lip color from MAC is your favorite? Any other suggestions for me to try?

  3. Try Kinda Sexy too! Or Mehr! ;)

    1. thanks for the Reco! Will look into those! :D

  4. I have found a dupe for this in Happy Skin's Just Say Yes lippies!

  5. Hi sis, san mo store nabili yang MAC PLEASE ME? please.. And thanks :-)


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