Saturday, June 28, 2014

AMW Bulletin: Veloci Watches

I'm a watch girl!
I was originally a watch girl before I turned into a clothes, shoes and bag girl!
Mr. AMW can attest to that as he's the major contributor to my watch collection!  Also my dear Brother AMW!  Awww, I'm really lucky to have such generous family!

And just because I don't blog much about watches doesn't mean I'm not in-the-know about them!  I recently heard and read about the new Italian-inspired Veloci watches from fellow bloggers and I can't help but salivate on some of my favorite pieces!  Hello paycheck..Goodbye paycheck!

 Veloci Aeronaute
"designed for the daredevils"
A unisex watch!  I can imagine Mr. AMW wearing this strap and he'll look great on it! 

Veloci Cruise
"for those who like to sit back and enjoy the ride, for the spontaneous and the brave"
This particular collection is perfect for girls and boys-next door!  
Perfect for everyday wear and would look good on any outfit you wear! 

Veloci Pulse
"for the fashionable athlete"
If you're a digital watch girl/boy, go for Veloci Pulse!  
This may looks like a man's watch but this is something I would wear!  
Aqua blue totally got my vote!

 Veloci Voyager
Voyager reminds me so much of the good 'ol watch days! 
The face is "clean" and easy to read and 
I like the diamonds that made these watches casual yet semi-formal at the same time!

But, if you want a watch that could literally go from casual to formal anytime of the day!  This gorgeous gold and black combination Voyager watch definitely won my heart!

Veloci watch designs reminded me of anyone who has an adventurous side!  The designs screams young, fashionable, and I don't care about tomorrow but I'll live my life TODAY! 

All Veloci watches comes with customizable Nato straps so you can freely choose the color combination that signifies "YOU".  
**Veloci watches are available in all LTimestudio, Asprey boutiques and SM Department Stores.

Which particular Veloci collection is your favorite?

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