Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Wonder: How Connected Are You?

Since I recently talked about my first ever Blog Stint as a Vaseline Girl 4 years ago, let me talk about technology back then and how I wish I was THIS connected those times.

We went for a week long Roadtrip at Laoag, Vigan and Baguio and my phone wasn't internet ready back then...heck!  I was using a Nokia phone!  All we have with us is a laptop and a Smart Bro Prepaid Internet. 

It was difficult as we were quite blind on what's happening with our subscription package or account information.  After seeing this commercial, I went..heck!  This should be available 4 years ago, but again, I don't have hi-tech phone back then so all I can say is..lucky you today!

If you are a Smart Bro Prepaid subscriber, visit this link to access your Dashboard

And here's what I want to know,
How connected are you today as compared to (say) 5 years ago?

Me, I literally have my phones, ipad, laptop all connected so I'm online 24/7!  Looking back, I can't believe how simple my life was but thinking about it, I may be busier than 5 years ago but I'm happy to be connected to my brother and friends who are overseas via Viber or WhatsAPP!

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