Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Food Trip at: Ramen Nagi, SM MOA

It was late afternoon when we weren't that hungry but wanted to try Ramen Nagi just because there wasn't a lot of people inside....
Upon seeing the menu of Ramen Nagi located at SM Mall of Asia, I was ecstatic!  
Some of you may complain that there isn't much choices to choose from!  For the AMW household?  It's wonderful news!  Why?  Hubby and I tend to take such a long time choosing our food and we always like to argue on who needs to do the ordering!  I always ended up doing so as he's very indecisive when it comes to food!  (Sorry sweetie, it is true!)

It was an impossibly quick decision to go for Original King (Butao).  I know Black King (Kuroo) is a food bloggers' favorite but yes, we'll start with the basic.

Just when we thought we only need to sit prettily to wait for our Ramen.  TADAH!  More choices to make!  *rolls eyes* WHYYYyyyyyyyYYY?????

So yeah, we ticked on the basics!  Went for NORMAL on everything!  Yes, for once...let's go normal! *laughs* Pun intended!

Ramen Nagi Original King
Php390.00 (approx $8.90)
Not on photo, we ordered extra noodles just because our tummy aren't hungry but our minds say "MORE" after first bite!
Ramen Nagi Original King is the best Ramen we've tried among Ramen places that we've visited.  Okay, in fairness to other Ramen places, we didn't visited a lot but the soup itself is amazing!  Not too oily yet VERY tasty!  The noodles?  Definitely not the "instant-tasting" kind and seriously, I am salivating for MORE upon writing this post!

You also get some unique condiments to complement your Ramen.  It is quite embarrassing to say but we finished up the "crunchy" Beansprouts and even asked for a second helping!

On the side, we also ordered Gyoza, when you're in a Ramen place, who in the world would even think about GYOZA?  Mr. AMW of course! The Gyoza isn't outstanding as you can get amazing Gyoza elsewhere but still tasty and good enough to order especially when you're craving for one!

Ramen Nagi SM Mall of Asia branch is quite small so you have to make sure to visit there off-peak hours!  Also, they don't accept take out orders and you can't ask for a doggy bag for your ramen! :)

Ramen Nagi
SM Mall of Asia Complex 
Ground Floor, South Wing, Pasay City
tel. no: 632 5502394

We were told we should ask for EXTRA Hard Noodles and go for Rich taste.  Will do that next time.

Have you tried Ramen Nagi?
What's your favorite Ramen Nagi dish?

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