Saturday, July 12, 2014

AMW Reports: Oishi Snacktacular Event 2014

Happy Saturday!
Upon reading this, I'm at Rustan's Shangri-la Mall doing a Real Liner workshop for Benefit Cosmetics Philippines.  Feel free to drop by and say hi anytime!  My workshop is at 3:00-4:00pm, I hope to see you there?

Now back to what happened last week, I had the chance to attend Oishi's Snacktacular Event which was one of the most "BONGGA" event I've attended for a food/snack brand!  Imagine, Glorietta 2 Activity Center, people crowded and I can't even seem to get in without the help of the security!  Thankfully, I saw media friend Ira from!

We got so excited we went for the first STOP, which I think we should've done this last!  For the price of Php295.00, you get to choose a huge "Oishi" snack bag.  

Ira chose Marty's Cracklin' while I picked Caramel Popcorn!  It was around 2 feet tall and what to do with this?

You get to fill in ANY Oishi Item your hearts desire!   At first, I piled in all the snacks from Oishi then realized, I have to be smart!  I changed them to my favorite Oaties milk and some "can't live without" snacks like Pillows and Sponge!  Which of course, made my bag super heavy!  I may have left Kyle on the Foodcourt with Mr. AMW and yaya, I actually carried the weight of Kyle during the WHOLE Oishi Snacktacular event!  *laughs*

Afterwards, Ira and I decided to create our own snack!  The line was a bit long but I find the staffs super professional we reached our turn in no time!

What to do here?

Pick your base!  I went for my favorite Potato Chips!

Then you choose 2 flavors!  I went for Nori and Barbecue!

Someone will do it for you and all you have to do is to wait for your own creation!

You can create the "look" of your bag with the help of an iPad app,

and have it printed!  

Voila!  My own unique snack!  Mr. AMW loved my Nori/BBQ creation he wished Oishi to create the exact variant to be available in the market!  Seriously, MASARAP!

After creating my own snack, I also got to try Oaties Milk Ice Cream for only Php20.00 and it tasted REALLY GOOD!  My hands were full back then so I wasn't able to take photos.  But Ira and I agreed on one thing, this was one of the most unique and fun event we've encountered!

Thanks Oishi Philippines and Bridges for the invite!
Given the chance to create your own snack, what's your base and flavors?

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