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AMW Reviews: Koji Line Beat 24H Long Lasting Eyeliner (Dark Brown)

If you are into Asian cosmetics, you probably heard about the brand Koji.  I knew about this brand during our Tokyo trip and I bought their brow mascara and they work amazing!  Thankfully I learned that Koji products are FINALLY available in Manila!  Feel free to check out their available on "Where to purchase" section below!

Today, I am very excited to share my thoughts on Koji Line Beat 24H Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil, Koji Line Beat has been known for their felt tip eyeliner pen, I haven't tried that but I heard they are really good!  So I got really excited and tested this pencil for more than a month!  I'm finally ready to share my thoughts after trying it out on several occasions!  And yes, I cried once wearing this liner (not because I'm sad, it was because I was chopping those darn onions! lol)

Koji says ---
Add an accent to your eyes and to become an attractive woman.  (copied from box)
Size of pencil: 2mm


AMW says ---
  • Super cute print.
  • No sharpening needed.
  • Pigmentation is really good, just one swipe you get real dark brown shade.
  • No glitters or shimmers, you get plain matte dark brown shade.
  • Dark Brown color looks amazing on the eye, not too fake yet the eyes appear more defined.
  • Applied on the upper lash line, it didn't smear or smudge on me even without eye primer.  (consider that I have normal/non-oily lids)
  • Applied on the lower lash line, it stays for at least half a day, on super humid days, it disappears a bit but does not smear/smudge.
  • Applied on the waterline, it disappears after at least 2-3 hours without panda-looking eyes.
  • You can easily control thin or thick line as the pencil is only 2mm.
  • Texture of the pencil is just right, not too creamy (wherein it tends to smudge easily) and not too dry (wherein it is painful to apply each time).

  • No English description on box.
  • Just like MAC Automatic Eyebrow Pencil, you can only twist up but will never twist it back down.
  • Since there is no sharpening needed, it is difficult to create a sharp "winged-liner" effect as constant usage will make the tip round/flat.
  • A bit difficult to remove with regular eye makeup remover, you may need to use cleansing oil for this.
  • If you have the tendency to rub your eyes, there is a slight "smudging" especially if you are oily-lidded.
  • Because of the size of the pencil, you can easily finish up this pencil in no time especially if you love lining your eyes on a daily basis! 
Highly pigmented eyeliner pencil that stays almost the whole day for not-so-oily lidded individuals.  It is an automatic pencil so no sharpening is needed.


  • If you like to create winged-liner look, gently sharpen the tip of the pencil by rubbing the sides of the tip on a piece of paper or at the back of your hand.
  • To prevent smudging, apply eye primer prior to eyeliner application, set with a similarly colored eyeshadow powder on top of the liner.
  • Best not to apply the waterline if your eyes are sensitive.
  • Apply using short strokes staying close to the lashline for a natural effect.
  • On the lower lash line, don't forget to set with an eyeshadow or a translucent powder to prevent disappearing line or smearing.
  • Do not twist the product up too much as you cannot turn it back.
  • If you still like to use your regular eye makeup remover, use cotton pad and leave the moistened pad on your eye area for a couple of minutes then gently rub off the liner before washing the rest of your face.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Eyeliner pencil lovers!  I love how pigmented this is and how it stays on my lids for almost the whole day! 

Where to purchase and how much?
Priced at Php599.75 (approx $14.30).  Available at the ff: ---
  • SM Department Stores
  • Watsons
  • Retail Lab - Rockwell
  • Yhansy - Shangri-la
  • Suesh - Megamall . Glorietta . Market-Market . Alabang Town Center
  • The Ramp Crossings - Trinoma . Que.Ave . Edsa . Glorietta
  • Purebeauty - Glorietta . Trinoma . Alabang Town Center . Serendra . Subic
  • Landmark - Trinoma . Makati

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Cute printed packaging

Shade: Dark Brown
Deep brown shade without any red hue which makes this liner super pretty!

 Swatch on hand
You can easily create thin and thick line.

AMW wearing Koji Line Beat 24H long lasting eyeliner in Dark Brown with very thin line.

Applied thicker line fading the "end" with a brush.

 Applied thickly on the upper and lower lashline

Overall, I am very happy with the quality of Koji Line Beat 24H Long Lasting Eyeliner!  I can't wait to try their black version!  This eyeliner reminded me so much of my favorite K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyepencil, the difference is, the Koji one has a darker "blackened brown" shade.

How do you like the Koji Line Beat liner based on my review?
Will you purchase one to try?

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(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Ohh I love the K-Palette one and this is cheaper! I think I will go look for this :)

    Btw Nikki, in your post on the new Clinique Even Better cream I was so happy with how it was cheaper than moisture surge at 1,700. But on the counters I think they were selling it for 2,550? :(

  2. Oh no Kari, I am so sorry for the mistake! I just copied the price from kasi! I will double check when I visit the counter, thanks for telling me! :D

    P.S. try this! Super nice! though shorter and thinner ang pencil than the K-Palette! :D


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