Monday, July 21, 2014

Eureka Moment: Marvel Liquid Hand Soap

What are these?
Your guess is probably: Alcogel 

Thank God you're wrong!  Because I personally do not use alcohol in "gel base" for years!  Why?  Ever since I heard that they stick to your hands and needs to be washed off as much as possible!  I may not worry about it if I don't have a baby constantly biting my fingers!  So I have an alcohol spray in  my bag, inside my care, in every corner of my house for years!

Of course, on days, alcohol isn't enough!  Example: Baby's ooopsie when we're out!  There are days the public washroom do not even have hand wash or liquid soap inside!  That's when I started to carry my own liquid soap to wash my hands after wiping off baby's poopsie-bells!  (sorry, it sounds cute that way! :P)

What if you get a liquid soap holder that is as cute as this?  Perfect for the husbands who are lazy to carry hand soaps and even more perfect for kiddos who are going to school!  I said kiddos (instead of boys) as trust me, even girls like me want these!!!!

L-R Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America and Spider web! 
I am so itching to create a nail art with these cute characters!   If you want a similar tutorial, I've created one years ago called The Avengers Nails.

Now let's go back to the Marvel Liquid Hand Soap!  Yes, they are hand soaps!  I love using them when I'm out and they are so cute!  I get a lot of: "Where did you get that?" everytime I use it!  Such a wonderful conversation starter right?

And to answer your question, they are available at Watsons and if you are an Alcogel person (I don't judge you) you can easily change these handsoaps and slip your favorite alcogel as they are of the same size!

I have used the Hand Soap and so far, so good!  They smell good, lathers pretty well and my hands do not feel dry after every wash!

Okay, here's what makes this part of my Eureka Moment post!  The Marvel Liquid Hand Soap costs only Php89.75 each, yes!  Soap and the holder for that amount!  Worth it I tell you!   Available at Watsons Store nationwide!

Which character will you purchase?
Will your son/husband carry these?

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  1. Hi Nikki. It's me Aprecia. It's been years. These soaps are cute. I have not been to watsons for the longest time. I hope all is well with you.

    1. Hi Aprecia :) How are you? Thanks and you're right, it has been years!

  2. I need to hunt down the Thor one. ASAP!
    xo, Pau

    1. hahah Thor is so cute, well actually, they are all cute! I went to Watsons again and checked, medyo nauubos ha!

  3. Gaaaahh how cute! I wanna buy one too. I always bring hand soap but sometimes, I'm too lazy to rummage through my kikay kit to get it. It's more convenient to hang it outside my bag.

  4. cute! I wish they have designs for women. They are affordable too.

    1. I agree! Sana may wonder woman, batgirl, etc...girlpower naman! :D


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