Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Wonder: Which Cover Girl Mascara Do You Like Most?

Okay, I maybe an Energizer Bunny but when it comes to mascaras, I'm one hell of a "cute" turtle!  :P

Blame me for watching too much BabyTV!  I have nothing more to watch but Elephants, Monkeys, Rabbits, Turtles, etc...!

So yeah, I'm such a turtle so I need help!  I was sent 4 wonderful Cover Girl Mascaras a month ago and I can't decide which one to use first!

In case you wonder, here are the 4 variants ---
L-R LashBlast Volume, Clump Crusher, LashBlast Fusion and LashBlast Length

Obviously LashBlast Volume is meant to be used if you prefer to create more volume for your thin and sparse lashes (me!)  I realized I used this mascara so many times in my old FOTDs and Makeup tutorials I didn't even create a decent review!  

Then I went to the US and saw in person how gorgeous my Aunt's Lashes are, she mentioned she used Cover Girl LashBlast Fusion and my oh my when I say I see lashes that goes UP UP and away!  I didn't try to purchase the mascara as I thought it wasn't available locally, and I have a rule on top of my head : "If a particular makeup product is not available locally, that means, it won't work locally!"  And I'm wrong!  It is available locally and I'm intrigued to see if the product works as well on me!

So that leaves Clump Crusher and LashBlast Length that I haven't tried or heard!  So before I go crazy trying out all 4 at the same time, any reco on which one I should go first?

*Each mascara costs around Php600.00+.  Available at Cover Girl counters nationwide.

The most votes win of course and review will be up asap! :)
 Happy Weekend!

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  1. Hi Ms Nikki, I haven't tried all four but I've been loving the clump crusher since the day I tried it. It really gives volume and length without clumping. :)

    1. wow now you got me excited for Clump Crusher, actually the name caught my attention big time!

  2. the lash blast length one. there you can have lengthy looking lashes, then re-apply 2-3 times and it can give you a fuller volume :D

  3. Well, according to some youtube bloggers (international), Clump Crusher is the Best!

  4. Well, according to some youtube bloggers (international), Clump Crusher is the Best!


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