Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sherry's Maxi-Peel Testimonial

"You never have skin problems like I do."
"You probably never knew how it feels like to have acne or pimple marks!" 

Those statements are probably inside the head of some of my readers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for thinking that I have good skin all through my 35 years of existence.  But of course, that thinking has to be changed!  I've had my share of skincare issues back then.  My skin may probably look better than before but keep in mind that I'm in my mid 30s, I do not have raging teen hormones and of course,  I am more knowledgeable now on what particular products that works for my skin.
 Backtrack to Sweet 16 Nikki :P I was really looking forward to be 16 and it turned out to be the "worst skin" year. I started breaking out with no reason at all and it all started at the forehead then it went as bad as covering both my cheeks!  I get the: "Naka-blush ka ba?" from afar then once you take a closer look at my skin, I have small and big pimples scattered all over my face!  *sigh*  Diyahe talaga!  And I have a huge crush on this higher batch guy who actually takes time and effort to talk to me but I remembered not looking straight to his eyes because I know he's seeing all my pimple marks instead of ME!

 So when I saw Sherry's Maxi-Peel testimonial , I felt her pain and I know how easily skin issues can tamper our confidence!

This post is written because I have a lot of readers with skin woes who would email me to ask about "peeling" products available in the market and wanted my opinion on them.  Truthfully, I never tried any of those products because I'm a "sissy" when it comes to my face.  I always advise my readers to visit a professional dermatologist for consultation.  But of course, there are always the type of readers who are adventurous in trying out skincare and Maxi-Peel actually came up on my email so many times and I am finally setting my foot on the ground and say: "Maxi-Peel is actually one of the most effective local brands available in the market and I believe in Sherry's Bagong Ganda, Bagong Pag-Asa story."
To back up my statement, I used to work in a company where 80% of the women use Maxi-Peel!  I literally saw the 3 stages in action!

  1. Remove (Stinging) - this is the adjustment stage for any first-time users! 
  2. Renew (Redness) - after several days or a week of usage, I literally see my colleagues' skin turned red.
  3. Reveal (Peeling) - after the red, sensitive-looking face, I finally see peeling!  This for me is the most challenging part of any Maxi-Peel users as it is very difficult to go out with peeling skin without people giving you judgmental looks!

Of course, I was amazed and got really curious about what they do, and here is the scoop ---
  • This is a Day and Night regimen so they constantly apply Maxi-Peel on both morning and night.
  • Since skin is at its most sensitive state during exfoliation, they protect themselves by using sun block.
  • At times when skin gets extremely dry from peeling, they apply moisturizing cream to maintain moisture of the skin while exfoliating.
  • Whenever they feel that their old skin have shed off, they rest for a month or 2 and use complementary products from Maxi-Peel such as facial cleanser, wash/scrub that’s formulated to maintain renewed skin.
That is why I see brighter, fresher and definitely pimple-free skin on them!

After constant research online for readers who wants to have better-looking skin.  I learned that Exfoliation is definitely needed to help remove dead skin cells.  Not removing dead skin cells will cause skin problems in the long run.  That’s why Maxi-Peel is probably effective to most users is the fact that it help speeds up the natural exfoliation process of the skin.  I used to think our skin normally exfoliates on its own and does not need help from products (yes it’s true) but overtime, as we get older, as our environment gets “harsher”, the natural exfoliation process slows down overtime.

 That's why when I saw the video of Sherry shared by my Blogging community friends, I can't help but blurt out: "It is true!  It's not because it was a paid commercial but I actually see how Maxi-Peel changed the skin of a lot of my colleagues!"

 But of course, keep in mind that not everyone is "hiyang" to the same product!  Feel free to check the inner box of Maxi-Peel for precautions and product usage details! 

Have you heard or tried Maxi-Peel yourself?

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