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AMW Reviews: Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Mineral (02)

Hi AMW Friends!
Heroine Make, aside from the fact that these are Japanese made cosmetics, they definitely got me at "hello cute packaging!" 

I have Heroine Make products for review on top of my "to review" table for quite some time but I was just too busy reviewing other makeup bases I gave this a pass for weeks!  Once I've decided to pick this up...I was blown away!  Let me tell you why...

Housed in a simple black packaging, the name Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder seems to be just like any regular powders ---- I'm a powder foundation girl so I thought this won't pass up my high expectations!  

Kiss Me Heroine Make says ---

Sorry, I can't seem to understand, there wasn't any English translation.
BUT!  Since I'm Ms. AMW and I'm a professional researcher, I was able to research what Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Mineral can do ---
  • Smoothes out pores and controls sebum shine up to 125%
  • Light and fine.  
  • Can be used as Light foundation or touch up for BB creams.
  • SPF30 PA++ with chamomile extract

AMW says ---
  • SPF30
  • Really soft and "bouncy" powder puff.
  • Evens out my skin.
  • Skin looks bright and healthy.
  • Non-drying.
  • No cake-y effect.
  • No retouch needed on normal/dry skin.  As for oily-skin, it can last at least 4 hours without retouch.
  • No white cast even on directly flash.  Probably because of the presence of light-reflecting properties.
  • Price

  • Bulky compact packaging.  I was expecting the "puff" to be housed in a separate compartment due to its bulkiness but it's not!
  • No English translation on packaging.
  • Shade availability: I don't think they have available shades for really dark skin tone but I believe they have translucent one which darker skin tone may use.
    • Packaging.  It is okay for me but for a Japanese brand, I was expecting more!  (the cutesy Kawaii packaging!)
    • Light to light medium coverage.
    A unique "powder" as it gives instant boost of "glow" to my dry, dull skin.  It gives a minimal amount of coverage but skin looks amazingly healthier upon application.  The product do not dry out my very dry skin and works really well with BB cream underneath.


    • For heavier coverage, apply concealer, foundation or BB cream before using Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Mineral.
    • Use the powder puff with a "patting" motion for even look.
    • For retouch, feel free to use the same powder puff or in my case, I prefer to use a "brush" just to lessen "shine".

    Will I repurchase?
    Big YES!

    To whom do I recommend this to?
    All skin types!  02 shade would work well on MAC NC20-30.

    Where to purchase and how much?
    At Watsons nationwide for Php695.00 (approx $15.80).

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    Shade: 02
    Has yellow undertone which is perfect for gals with warm undertone like I do!

     Application technique:
    After several tries, I came up with the conclusion that the Powder Puff that comes with the packaging is the best tool to use to achieve flawless, healthy glowing-skin.  As for application technique, never rub the product, instead apply the Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Mineral with patting motion as shown on photo below.  (ayan nagsasalita pa ang puff!  PAT PAT PAT daw!) :P

    Before and After
    Side by side shot on how "even" and healthy my skin looks!  There is a good amount of coverage but my undereye darkness did not completely disappear!  This product works best in evening out redness and sallow skin but it can never correct undereye darkness, birthmarks or freckles! 

    Tip:  Correct flaws by using concealers or correctors prior to powder application.

    Half Face Test
    Here's a better view for you to see how the product works!
    It made my skin amazingly healthy and the best part is that it seems like I'm not wearing any makeup at all!  Again, my undereye darkness decreased a bit (as I pat on more product on that area) but in person, it is still not enough to use the powder alone for heavy-duty coverage.  So a dab of concealer, BB cream or Foundation will make my skin look more flawless! 

    What are your thoughts on the new Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Mineral?
    Do you like the effect it did on me?

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    Keep smilin'
    Stay happy!


    (Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


    1. Ang ganda nga ng coverage! thanks, Will definitely purchase this!

      1. One of my favorite face powder to date! I can't wait for you to try this!

    2. This article really helped so thank you! I was considering to buy this for special events, but there were no reviews for it on Amazon.. but I was, thankfully, able to find this. Thank you again!

    3. Would it last just wearing the smooth cover powder? I'm only 18 with slightly oily skin on my T-zone so I'm not fond of wearing too much on my face..


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