Thursday, October 16, 2014

H&M Finally in the Philippines! #HMPhilippines

I wore really comfortable clothes and shoes during the VIP event for H&M Philippines!  I was indeed, super ready to shop!

Everyone's crazy about the arrival of H&M in the Philippines and the day will finally be here!  Mark your calendars --- October 17, 2014 H&M Megamall Branch will open its doors at 9:00am!  

If you get easily sidetracked with clothes after clothes, well, I've taken ENOUGH photos for you to at least have an idea on what H&M Philippines has in store for you, at the same time, you can also take a peek on the really low price range!  My eyes literally popped when I saw tops priced at Php299.00, dresses priced at Php599.00, coats at Php1,299.00 and hair accessories for less than Php250.00!  You just have to really search from aisle to aisle, racks after racks!  

I know, I should just stop talking and share photos!  Enjoy!

Oh wait, some tips for you not to get "lost" during that day ---
First floor - Ladies, Accessories, Lingerie, Shoes
Second floor - Ladies
Third Floor - Kids and Infant wear, Men

Each floor has their own set of cashier, if you want shorter line, go straight to the 3rd level as lesser people line up there! (not always though)
 **warning, so many photos ahead!

Blacks and Greys




 And you'd think I'm done after shoes?  Na-ah!  More dressy outfit for all occasions!

 Ooohh Mickey Mouse cropped top

Fashionable accessories

Hats, scarves and purses

Now on to the men's section.  Who says guys do not shop?  Naku, this section is the most crowded so I wasn't able to take a lot of photos!

And of course, let's not forget the 3rd level!  Moms out there?  Seriously, you won't leave the store without buying at least 1 item for your li'l kiddo!  These infant-wear are so cute and inexpensive!  

And if you have biggers kids, naku!  Look at the girly-wear!  Kahit wala kang anak, gugustuhin mong magkaanak after seeing these!  Promise! :D

And for the boys!!!!  Baby AMW!  Mommy thought of you while shopping for your cute outfit! 

 Php299.00 each 

*sigh* all 80+ photos for your eyes to enjoy! I hope you enjoyed my photos as I took photos on almost EVERY CORNER of the store!  

Don't spend too much time lining up on the dressing room, you can buy whatever you want (in any size) and try them at home.  If it doesn't work for you, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase!  AMAZEBALLS!

Give me a huge hug please!  I was so busy taking photos when it was time for me to pay for my purchase, ayan na, SUPER LONG LINES!  *group hug*

How do you find the H&M Store in the Philippines?
I heard the price points are the lowest here  in our country as compared to our neighboring countries!
Are you going to visit the new H&M Store this weekend?
What's your favorite outfit/item shown above?

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Keep smilin'
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  1. hi nikki.what are you're HG skincare and makeup products?

  2. Nikki! Na-excite tuloy ako mag shopping lalo! *drools*

    1. Kat, a lot of great finds for you! daming cropped top :D

  3. OH MY GASSHHH!! so much black and white clothes I WANT I WANT!! Sana mag open dito sa Cebu..

    1. Aww..sana ! I'm sure everyone would really be happy there at Cebu if they open in Cebu! :D


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