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Tech reviews: Samsung NXMini

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed the time I got my the much coveted Samsung NXMini, the Ultimate "selfie" cam, according to moi! :)

To be honest?  I have always been an SLR user and also used a couple of point of shoot camera in the past but this one is unique in so many ways.  Let me get straight to the point, this is NOT the PERFECT and BEST cam in the world (there can't be one!), BUT, it has the qualities of a camera that I personally need.  I'll share to you the list why this is such a "happy camera" for me!  I literally bring this everywhere I go!  

A quick look on the exterior, I got a white Samsung NXMini but if you're not a fan anything white as it gets dirty easily, you may choose from brown, black, mint green and pink! 

In a glance, it is very easy to use (even for Camera beginners out there!)

You get a 3.0 inch LCD screen (touch screen) that can tilt upwards until 180 degrees, making this an ultimate "selfie" camera because you can literally see yourself!

Now on to the buttons at the back.  Nothing too overwhelming, you get the basic Menu, Mode, Play and Trash.

What you see when you click MENU button

The icons you see when you click "Mode".  
I love this button as I actually like tinkering the manual setting of a camera.

If you want a no-brainer setting for whatever purpose of you taking a photo, click SMART (second icon from left) and you see this!

 Beauty Face is fun to use but I seldom use it because I want readers to see the "real effect" on a particular makeup product on me.  But just in case you want to have fun, here's my PERFECT skin!

You can click "Food" icon for your food photos...

And pick Kids Shot if you want to capture a moment that is difficult to capture when you have a hyper toddler like I do!

Finally!  ONE GOOD SHOT after 5 blurry ones! :P

You can also try Best Face Feature and the camera will take a couple of photos so you can pick the "BEST FACE" out of the bunch.

And if I may add, I seem to be the master of taking selfies because of this camera!  If you know me personally, I hate taking "selfies" because I have difficulty in finding my angle when I take photos of myself (yes, I need more practice).  At the same time, whenever I take "we-fies", I always ended up cutting someone out of the picture!  With the Samsung NXMini, I always get PERFECT shots I always get compliments from friends!

Tres Marias

Yes, the 4 of us can fit in the frame and still get to do our perfect angles!
Even with my short arms, we can all fit the frame because of the "Pancake" lens that comes with the kit!  

And if you want to be more adventurous, you can take photos with bigger group!  Keep in mind though that the person taking the photo will always have the biggest face!  LOL any technique out there?

And of course, this is not just a "selfie" cam, you can actually ask another person to take photos!  Keep in mind that the person should have steady hands and the place should have good lighting.

And aside from me turning into a "Selfie" master, my ultimate FAVORITE part about this camery?  I can easily click Auto Backup and the photos get transfered from the camera to a computer!  I am one lazy woman when it comes to transferring photos and the fact that I don't need to get a wire is something I feel like a blessing from heaven!

And oh, from the Camera, with WIFI connection, you may click the easy "Smart Link" button (The button I call WIFI button located above the camera) and you can link the photos you freshly took to your smartphones!  And hurray!  Straight to your social media accounts.

Now, I am not a Tech Blogger so I'm sure I missed a lot of information about the camera!  If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below and I'll definitely answer you as quickly as possible.

Here's a summary of my Pros and Cons (AMW Style!)
  • Exterior is sleek and very handy.
  • Good battery life.
  • USB charging.
  • Easy to understand and navigate menu.
  • Wifi transfer.
  • Can be used as baby monitor!  (yes for mommies like me!)
  • Easy to set up.
  • Compatible with Android/IOS.
  • Manual Control of Shutter/Aperature.
  • Auto Back Up.
  • Interchangeable lens.
  • Flip screen.
  • When taking "selfies", there is a numbering (starts from 3-1) so you have enough time to check your reflection for a good "Selfie".
  • Can easily transfer photos to your smartphones with WiFi access.
  • No lens cap!
  • Difficult to find a camera case locally.
  • Other lenses are not widely available in the local market.  And the lenses are a bit pricey.
  • Since the kit lens is a "pancake lens" or 9mm lens, you can't zoom in and out making it not a camera for Bloggers like me who attend events that needed to take photos on people on stage.
  • It would be BETTER if you can transfer photos from Samsung NXMini directly to your Social Media Accounts with WIFI Access. 
  • Price.
 Overall, I am very happy with my Samsung NXMini even with those tiny flaws!  And oh, before I end this post, I want to congratulate the winner of Benefit's Samsung NXMini contest! 

Congratulations Ms. Mara Ochoa!  Enjoy your Samsung NX Mini as much as I do!

A group photo with my Benegals Tasha and Kriska with Samsung Philippines' Tricia during the awarding of BenefitxSamsungNXMini winner.

How do you find the Samsung NXMini after reading this review?
Do you like the "selfie cam" or are you aiming for something more?

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