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Céleteque Acne Solutions Acne-Clearing Concealer Review

Céleteque, the brand that is known for skincare came up with their own concealer called Acne Solutions Acne-Clearing Concealer!  I can't really say this is makeup as it has a cover-up pimple and treatment properties making sure your zit won't get into its' worst state as you try to cover them up!

True enough, there are days when you just want to cover your pimple because it popped out at a wrong timing (ex. party to attend, date, get-together with friends).  I usually go for my trustee The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil but obviously, that is just a treatment and I still need a separate concealer.  This is where the product comes in!  A 2-in1 product that promises coverage and treatment!

The tiniest concealer I own!  The length of the packaging is only 4 inches while the diameter is less than 10cm!

Céleteque says ---

AMW says ---
  • Pointed tip making it very easy to "spot conceal".
  • Packaging:  very handy and slim I can bring this everywhere I go.
  • Twist up packaging, no need for sharpening.
  • You see the Manufacturing and Expiration date printed clearly on packaging.
  • The product is good for 3 years and I'm sure you'll finish this in no time!
  • Coverage is actually light to medium.
  • Can cover red spots.
  • It has salicylic acid so it will help dry out your pimples. 
  • Can work even on random red marks.
  • Consistency is good, not too creamy or too dry.
  • The concealer stays the whole day if set with powder, stays more than half a day (if you don't rub your face) without setting.
  • Price.

  • Only 1 shade available and as we all know, not all acne or pimples are created equally, this concealer may not cover well if your pimples are fresh or really dark.
  • Won't cure cystic acne or other acne marks that are really stubborn.
  • I didn't see it cure my pimple marks but the positive side is that the pimples didn't get worse.
A good concealer if you plan to cover up small pimples.  Coverage is light to medium and if set properly, will last the whole day!


  • NEVER pop your pimples.  Leave the pimple popping to the experts!
  • Wash your hands every time you do your makeup.
  • Best used on small red pimples instead of the larger ones!  
  • Best applied on 3-4 day old pimples.  Not for the super fresh ones or the super old ones! 
  • How to spot conceal?  Apply a good amount of concealer on the area that needs coverage (especially the bump), using a small brush, blend only the outer area for a natural coverage.  NEVER blend the concealer applied on the Pimple itself.
  • Set with powder for the concealer to stay the whole day!
Will I repurchase?
No.  The product is good but since I'm in my mid-30s, I don't have as much pimples as I did decades ago!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Users who tend to have 2-3 pimples every now and then.  I don't recommend this for users who have flared up acne as one stick really isn't enough to cover large areas.

Where to purchase and how much?
Priced at Php269.00 available at leading department stores nationwide.

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Almost similar size to a retractable eyeliner pencil. 
The pointed tip is perfect to cover pimple marks.  Even the tiniest ones!

Okay, the small pimples that I have probably isn't the best "model" to test this product as they aren't red enough!  Just for reference, here's how it looks like if applied with Céleteque Acne Solutions Acne-Clearing Concealer.

It does help lighten up redness.  The shade has a "pinkish" tone to it so I highly suggest to "adjust" the shade with your favorite face powder/powder foundation.

Have you seen this nifty product from Celeteque?
Would you give this concealer a try?

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