Sunday, December 21, 2014

#BloggersOffDuty Christmas Party at: Nest Modern Table & Bar

This is our #BloggersOffDuty Christmas Party wearing red lipsticks and cute headbands!  That's how Bloggers in Manila roll when we're not working!  We wear comfortable clothes, wear our favorite red lipstick shade and act crazy like no one's watching.  Best of all?  The inside "chikkas" and the "What Diet?" eating!

Here's a mini disclaimer about the food from NEST Modern Table & Bar.  We were supposed to pay for our meals but since we are bunch of pretty girls who showed arms and legs, we get to eat for free!  *laughs* 


But since this is a #BloggersOffDuty party, we tried not to accept any "Blogging related" sponsorship in ANY FORM!  But since NEST MNL was kind enough to ask for our fellow Beauty Blogger Nicole to invite her friends (which turned out to be more than 10 pa!)  to have a bit of a taste on NEST cuisine, no need to BLOG or write about it...who can say no to that?

But of course, I've been paying 99% of the food I Blog here so there's no reason why I won't include NEST since the food was amazing!  Seriously amazing I am still shaking my head in disbelief on how much I enjoyed the food inside a BAR!  Yes, A BAR!  I never enjoyed BAR food and they always ..well..disappoints!  But NEST is definitely an exception, and I promise you, from the bottom of my stomach, I'm saying this not because we had the food for free...I am really impressed!  Seriously ...impressed!  

Soft Bread I wished I took home for Toddler AMW!  He loves bread and I'm sure he'll enjoy this as much as mommy did!

Spiced Sweet Potato Fries 

Upon taking a bite, we knew we were fooled!  These are definitely not the usual potatoes but we don't care!  The sweet poatoes with the added spice is such a wonderful appetizer!  Even the buntis (ahem...Sabs) can't deny this!

Ham & Eggs
Strips of Jamon Serrano & poached egg on a bed of char grilled asparagus, 
edame and green pea salad, garnished with Parmesan cheese shavings.
I'm not a fan of ham and eggs but this gave me a new meaning to how ham and eggs should be!
In a very SOSYAL way!

Foie Gras and Mushrooms
Poached egg, Croutons, parmesan and Balsamic
Everyone on the table gasp when they saw Foie Gras, I am not a fan of Foie Gras (more gasp maybe?), I can definitely live without it but tonight's dish was amazing!  We let the egg yolk flow all over the foie gras and mushroom as we took every bite of pure heaven with a bit of crunchiness from the croutons!

5 Spiced Roast Pork Belly
Kurobuta Pork Belly, Soy and Garlic Noodle, Sesame Cucumber Relish
Okay, the real order won't be this much, you get around 3-4 good strips of this Pork Belly in 1 order, the taste is really good, sweet and very tasty!  I've used 5 spice so many times when I cook my Pork dishes so I wish I can at least re-create half of this yummy taste!

Fillet of Salmon
Norwegian Salmon, Grilled leeks, Black Yakemeshi, Roe and Miso Sake Sauce
It is salmon cooked in it's perfect state!  Each bite of salmon literally blends perfectly with the Black Yakemeshi!  I was literally staring at it at first saying: "What is that?" I originally thought it would taste weird or just like regular salmon, but obviously, my tastebuds were FLOORED that night!

Rack of Lamb
Herb and Mustard Glaze, Smoked Egg Plant Glazed Zucchini and Lamb Jus
 I have to admit, we asked the waiter to slice this for us but we were busy with the exchange gift and I had to leave right away so I wasn't able to have a taste of this dish!  Huhuhu  Looking at the price, it is a bit pricey but if you're a lamb-eater, you can definitely give this a try as the serving is quite good! 

Roast Chicken Supreme (Quarter)
Duxelle, Marble Potatoes, Veloute, Snap Peas, Grapes and Caramelized Onions
 Again, sorry, I was a bit too full even without finishing the rest of the dishes!  I wasn't able to taste this!  But judging by the way it looks, it looks promising and the price isn't bad!

A quick glance on Nest Modern Table & Bar Menu

Overall, I am surprised I don't feel like a trying hard mommy who wants to look cool with the cool kids!  The place is actually a resto-bar that could get a bit "loud" on some hours because of the music but, I find this place to be comfortable enough to chill and have fun with good friends.  All the servers are super friendly and amazing, they can actually take good photos of you if you want to!  They are probably used to having customers ask them to take pictures!

 Roof deck, W 5th Building, 5th Avenue corner 32nd Street, 
Bonifacio Global City 
Contact: 0917-874-9999. 

Have you dined at NEST?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. Wow! Everything looks so yummy, Nikki. Too bad I don't frequent the BGC area. Happy holidays!

    - phoebe ko


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