Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gift Ideas: For The Active Women --- Yurbuds

Hi again AMW Friends!
I'm sharing another gift idea today!  You know why?  I'm actually panicking now as I'm going to shop for my inaanak (Godchildren), friends and family TODAY.  Yes, just 1 half day with Toddler AMW!  Wish me luck!

So as I was writing down the names of my gift recipients, I actually make sure I think about their likes, their lifestyle, their personality.  That's how it is for me to pick a gift for my loved ones!

And I actually came across with a good 'girl' friend who has almost everything!  Let's just say, she can get whatever she wants, since gift-giving for me will always be the "thought" that counts, I actually sat back and think about her lifestyle.  She likes to run, go to the gym for workout and she's also a hands-on mom!  Best of all?  Just like me, she loves music so here's one gift idea for someone just like my good friend!

I personally dislike regular earphones you can find in the market, why?  They never fit my small earbuds!  Thankfully, the Yurbuds earphones are developed specially for women that's why they are smaller in size thus making it easier to slip in into our ears without discomfort.

 The yurbuds Inspire Pro for Women is a perfect gift for the (super) woman on the go! Specially designed for smaller ears, these earphones has a patented twist-lock technology and FlexSoft comfort fit to make it stay in place and pain-free all throughout the day

Retail Price: Around Php1,500.00

Back of the box (Description)
As I "Googled" Yurbuds since it was a first time for me to hear the brand, I learned that this is a number one sport earphones in the US today!  Yurbuds meet the discerning requirements of atheletes because it is developed by athletes!  The device is the brainchild of a company founded in 2008 by triathlete Seth Burgett and marathoner Richard Daniels, along with Craig Ceranna.

Okay, I'm no athlete but I have my fair share of "active lifetyle".  What I like about Yurbuds is the TwistLock technology that secures the earphones inside the ear even during extreme motion!  I actually tested this with Toddler AMW trying to yank the earphones away from me!  It worked!  The earphones NEVER fall off and it fits comfortably inside my ear without irritation.

So far, the sound is crisp when I tested it on my iPhone6 listening to my Deezer Playlist.

Okay, if you plan to purchase one for the active men, you don't have to worry!  Yurbuds also have other  models to choose from ---

  • The Venture Duro - basic earphone on the budget but not short on reliable and dependable features.
  •  The Venture Talk - best for hikers, campers, natural explorers and the like who demand digital connectivity despite on the go.  This features a single-button Mfi microphone on a durable Kevlar-wrapped flat cord that enables user to make important calls while being outdoor.
  • Pete Jacobs Signature Series - for serious triathlete.  The earphones feature a tangle-resistant cloth cord equipped with a reflective covering to ensure maximum safety during night-time runs, a fidget-free cord that won't be hassle to wear and users can make and receive calls as this is compatible with all iOS, Android and Blackberry devices.
  • Inspire Limited Edition Wireless Earphones - for ultimate connectivity.  Comes with Bluetooth Technology that is connected with a tough Kevlar cord that can be worn behind the head or under the chin with full track and call control as well as special wind-blocking microphone.
The yurbuds® Inspire for Women line is available at Runnr, Planet Sports, The Athlete's Foot, and in Power Mac Center.

For more information on yurbuds®, go to www, or join in on the conversation at

Have you gifted earphones in the past?
I had, several times for both my brothers and good friends!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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