Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas From AMW Family!

Today is Jesus' Birthday, I want to greet Jesus Happy Happy Birthday!

Every Christmas, we receive gifts here and there and sometimes, we tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas.  Yes, it is Jesus' birthday, HE is the man who gave US everything!  So the least we could do is to GIVE (more) this season.  Giving maybe easy but the true meaning of "giving or gifting" is with that of a happy and grateful heart.

So today's post, I am jump-starting what I'm grateful for and you guys can continue this gratitude chain!

I, Nikki Tiu --- Mrs. AMW, am grateful for Kyle Nash.

Our first formal family photo taken at exactly December 25, 2013.  

Kyle's existence was celebrated even way before he was born!  I can literally feel his excitement when mommy finally reunited with her favorite McDonald's character --- the Grimace!  Yes, we had that connection back then.

My pregnancy wasn't an easy one, you've probably read about it on my previous posta on how difficult it was for me for the first 2 trimester.  Okay, I was a bit cheerful about it but you want the real deal?  It was 6 full months of HELL for my body!  I can't believe how a human body can handle such pain and stress!  

I won't say it is worth it!  Because different mommies have different opinions!  You really have to go through pregnancy, birthing and all those sleepless nights before you can finally come up to a conclusion.  And no, that is not a threat... *laughs*  and it's not all bad I promise you!

But true to what everyone has been saying, at the end of the day, when you look into your child's eyes, you tell yourself: "WOW, God does exist!  How can someone create such perfect little human being?" 

That alone, made Christmas more meaningful to ME.
Kyle Nash around 1 month old
Mr. AMW and Baby AMW

Everyday, I am blessed with a smile, a smile, I can honestly say, will not remove my physical pain (a.k.a muscle pain) BUT, this angelic smile, I knew is a sign of gratitude from my little one telling me how much he love and appreciate me.   Yes, I can feel his gratitude for me to be able to give MORE!

Kyle will have his "amok" moments (hysterical moments) especially when people try to pry him away from his mom (hehe, sorry clingy baby here!)  but I know I won't see much of that clingy-ness when he grows older so I'm definitely savouring it as much as I can!

Spare me if I post so much about my son, you can probably see how much I adore him!  You don't believe me?  Search #KyleNash on Instagram and there are more than 600 photos of him!  And he's only 1.8 years old!  *laughs*  

This Christmas, I want to thank the Lord for gifting me not only a wonderful husband but a happy and healthy son who keeps me up on my feet 24/7!  He messes my daily schedule (which was super challenging for a time-OC me!), I can't work or take calls because I can hear a screaming baby downstairs!  I can't put makeup on when I'm with him because makeup may transfer to his skin whenever he tries to hug or kiss me!  I can't put lotion when he's awake and I can't take long showers anymore!  Because of him, I am Blogging at 1:00am or sometimes 2:00am just because I am very excited to share something to the readers and everything was put on hold that day because he demands my time and full attention.  I can't leave home anytime of the day to meet up with good friends or attend Blogging events without checking with my mom-in-law if she can help me look after Kyle.  I literally drive like a maniac when I'm out late at night because I want to make sure to be home before he sleeps!  

At first, I thought I was sacrificing so much for him, but in reality, my son is actually giving me so much more!  I like doing EVERYTHING I've written above (and more!)  because those things made me feel good.  I have a sense of pride, a sense of joy that I have never felt before when I wasn't a mom.  So looking at the other side of the pie, this li'l guy is actually gifting me wonderful gifts EVERYDAY!  He made me realize how strong of a woman I am and how much TIME I have before being a mom because I can actually insert "playtime", "bonding time", "cooking time", "bath time" and a lot more aside from my usual regimen.  He made me realize, I am indeed a "SUPERWOMAN"!

Thank you KYLE NASH!

So instead of saying: "What are you wishing for this Christmas?"
I'd rather say: "What are you thankful for this Christmas?"

Please share your thoughts by commenting below :) I'd love to read what you are grateful for!

Superwoman signing off *ahem* #lol

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Merry Christmas AMW ^___^
    You have a beautiful family!
    God bless you :D

    1. Thanks Xiao Vee, Merry Christmas to you and your family too :D


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