Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy 2nd Year Sampleroom!

These 4 girls literally changed the "beauty industry" when they launched 2 years ago....wait...1, 2, 3, I did say 4 right?

Here you go!  Diana, Sophie, Nats and Kats, these girls are the amazing women behind  I've said it before an will say it again, #TryBeforeYouBuy is definitely the best way to spend your hard-earned money wisely!  Trust me, there's just no other way (especially skincare products)!  I used to be so scared of trying out testers or ask for samples because I feel so "diyahe" (shy).  I'm sure a lot of you fellow shoppers can relate and thankfully, there is a venue to grab samples (some are even full sized!)


When my Blogger Friend Sophia invited me to be a Partner Blogger for Sampleroom.  I didn't hesitate to say YES because firstly, she's a friend!  But now that I've been a Partner Blogger for 2 years (yes, I grew with them!)  I realized, even if she's not a friend!  I'd say YES in a heartbeat!  *laughs* 

I am so lucky to get to try samples, and not only that, at times, I even get the try samples before they reach the market!  Yes, I am very lucky as I get all these products, don't worry, I know how to share!  My friends and relatives get to Try Before They Buy too!  

Because SampleRoom helped me and my friends so much in saving up, I made sure to be there, physically, to support them when they invited me for their 2nd Year Anniversary/Christmas Party!  I braved 3+ hours traffic (One way ha!) for them and it was all worth it when I saw how Maria Luisa's Garden Room of The Makati Garden Club was well decorated...shucks, if I'm not married, I'd think I'll get proposed that night :P  

And what made it even MORE worth it?  The happy faces of fellow Partner Bloggers and Circle Members!  It indeed felt like ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

My table-mates!  I think I shocked some of them with my birthing stories...ahmm..sorry! :P

Best surprise of the night?  I was awarded "Belle of the Night!"  Just joking!  Okay, I have to admit, I am half deaf so I really can't hear what the award was for, but you know what?  I just knew they love me !!!!  (walang kokontra!) 

Thank you so much to my SampleRoom Family!  For always taking care of us and for making us feel so loved!  Congratulations on your 2nd year and I pray for more years ahead!

And to YOU my dear AMW readers, have you joined Sampleroom?  If not, what are you waiting for?  Go na!

Happy Christmas everyone!
I love you!!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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