Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gift Ideas: For Kikay Car Owners (Carry-All Bag)

*sigh* I wished I read about this earlier!  There was just this ONE HOUR window for me to shop for our Wedding Godparents and Kyle's Godparents last weekend and I was literally running around inside the mall --- alone ---- not knowing what to buy!  And just when Christmas is literally HERE, I see these Carry-All Bags / Trunk Organizers from fellow Blogger friend and I just had to share!  

With a toddler around, my car looks like it housed a family of 10 when there's literally like 2.5 of us humans!  *laughs*  The 0.5 human was the one taking up all the car space!  (Sorry Kyle, I'm not blaming you!) 

So truthfully, when I saw these Carry-All Bag/trunk organizers, I am sure I would appreciate such gift so I'm sharing this Gift Idea for Kikay or even non-Kikay car owners out there!  

 There are so many designs to choose from to suit the personality of the receiver!  If unsure, you can always go for the Classic Carry-All, the color is in red pa which is a lucky color for New Year!

I literally had a hard time choosing one for my own car let alone choose for others!  Don't you just love Weekend Market Carry-All and Orchard Carry-All?

In this lot, my favorite is Summer Carry-All and Turque Carry-All, they just look so "cool" to the eyes! 
(if there's such term)

Finally, I will go for this!  Imagine the Parisian weekend-pasyalan vibe?  YES that's what I'm aiming for! :P
Carry-All bags are priced at Php480.00 each. For orders, you can follow @Littlebow_shop on Instagram or e-mail Info.littlebowshop@gmail.com

Enjoy shopping!
I need to shop 1 last time tonight!  Daming kulang!  YOU?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Ang ganda! Bagay sa car! :D Thanks for blogging about this!

    1. Sabi na nga ba ma appreciate mo din to! hahaha cheers to #IAMS!


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