Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gift Ideas: For Moms with Kids

As a mom, discussing about letting the kids use electronic gadgets is a discussion that would probably take a lifetime!

Personally speaking, there is no right or wrong answer.  For me, everything should always be in moderation!  I for instance, let Toddler AMW use my phone or tablet every now and then but he understands when I'm using it so he isn't allowed to grab it just because he wants to!  As for tablet, he uses it with a limit, let's say maximum of thrice a week?  Not more than an hour each time.

Of course, there are times I will be bending the rules, on special days when I needed to bond with my friends whom I haven't seen for ages and instead him getting bored while mommy has all the fun, I let him use my tablet, they are all educational apps anyways!  And of course, never let him just stare at it for hours, inject a bit of conversation and explain to him the things he see so there will always be interaction between me and my son!

If you're a modern/traditional mom like me who wants your kids to be exposed on both worlds, there is a new offer of Smart Bro under Gadget Plus Plan 499!  The plan comes with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite  with 50 Internet hours every month and Samsung KidsTime. This is a worry-free gadget because there is parental control, safety, child’s usage report, and unlimited access to kid-safe apps. 

Best of all?  The Smart Bro package includes Samsung Kids grip case with stylus + Smart Bro Pocket Wifi + 50 Internet hours + 30-day FREE Samsung KidsTime app + Dora the Explorer plush doll, that makes the kids’ internet experience truly awesome. YES!  ALL FOR Gadget Plus Plan 499!

Visit this LINK for more information!
Fellow mommies, what are your thoughts on kids and gadgets?

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