Saturday, December 27, 2014

My favorite Lookbook from Plains & Prints Holiday 2014

I may not blog a lot about fashion but I am really into fashion!  I know my style so well I can literally just take a peak at a clothing store and I'll know right away if a particular outfit would look good on me or not!  That's the reason why I can shop a lot of my clothing online!  

I guess, just like makeup, I know which particular style, color and size would work well on me!  And Plains & Prints Holiday 2014 collection didn't fail in making me salivate!  Their collection is so amazing I want to put them all inside my closet!  (Kasama na din si Anne Curtis! *lol*)  She is so pretty and perfect for the brand!

For the PP Holiday 2014 collection, they divided it into 3 categories!  East Meets West, Heaven & Earth and Modern Metropolis!
East Meets West


Heaven & Earth


Modern Metropolis


Which particular outfit is your favorite?
I seriously can't choose one!  But Modern Metropolis Photo 1's black skirt with high slit is definitely included in my "to buy" list!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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