Friday, January 16, 2015

How To: Bright Beautiful Skin with Korean Skincare

I love Korean Food, Korean Dramas, Korean actors and actresses.  In short, I love the country Korea - the people and their culture!  And let's not forget, one of my favorite makeup artist is called Pony!  She is a well-known Korean Make Up Artist who looks very pretty!  You've probably seen her face at Etude House Posters! (I spotted a big one at SM Sta Mesa!)

Don't you just love how gorgeous their skin look even without makeup?  One reason why I am really looking into Korean skincare products nowadays!  I've been a loyal Korean masks user for years!  But skincare/  Not so!  Starting 2015, I'm definitely going for Asian made skincare!  What do you think?

Here are just some of the products we should put our radar on!  These products will help create bright and beautiful skin!  But of course, keep in mind that you have to know your skin's currently condition and pinpoint what you really need!  As for me, I need anti-aging skincare products that is highly hydrating!  A big bonus is when this product can also help brighten up or liven up my dull skin!

I'm most excited to try ---

Etude House Age Defense Firming Cream
Php1,578.00 (approx $35.85) for 50ml

Finally!  Etude House is really not just for the teenagers!  They finally brought in their Age Defense Line which works not only for ME but for women 25 years old and above!  Yes, it is best to start young!

Then, there are masks!  Different packs that suits different skin conditions!
  • Too Cool For School Egg Mousse pack (review here)- yes, you heard eggs are really good for the skin but you find it too messy to work in your kitchen?  Well, this product is best to help whiten, moisturize and nourish your skin to become as smooth as the egg's surface!  I believe based on description, this product would work really well on users with normal and oily skin!
  • Tony Moly Water Bomb Sleeping Pack (Php598.00) -  Judging by its' name, looks like this product is packed with "pure hydration"!  This product is indeed highly recommended by Korean beauty Channel Get Beauty because it doesn't just help moisturize the skin, instead, it also help trap moisture and close the moisture layer for more efficient and instant hydration.  I will definitely use this and will report back to you! 
  • Etude House Sparkling Toc!s Bubble Pack (Php278.00) - this kit is part of the Sparkling Toc's Series.  This series includes Allinone Gel, Bubble Pack and Scrub Foam all infused with sparkling water and lemon extract to help clear the skin from impurities without stripping off skin's natural moisture!  The bubble pack, in my humble opinion, is very intimidating for me, but I have to admit, I feel so intrigued with this product!  How to use?  Simply mix the contents of the pouch with the contents of the tray, once bubbles have formed, apply gently on face and wash with water after 5 minutes!  Come on, you have to admit, it is VERY interesting right?

Let's talk about masks!  I've been a long time "My Beauty Diary" masks user and I've tried different variants through the years!  Etude House masks works quite well on me and I love their Collagen Masks (I bought 50 pcs in Korea).  Now, I can't wait to try their 2 newest variants!

Etude House Bio Jelly Coconut Gel Mask (Php248.00) - this mask is their premium mask made from real coconut extracts.  It has a smooth jelly-like texture that snuggles the face upon application with 10 times higher absorption versus regular pul sheets.

Etude Hosue Coenzyme Q10- another variant I'm most excited to use!  Whenever I see Coenzyme Q10 in a mask, I tend to use them immediately as this type of masks help provide skin's elasticity helping the skin glow!  (My favorite!)

But seriously, there are still a lot of skincare products to try!  Try going around Myeongdong area in Korea and you know what I mean!  From serums to essences to tonic, ah the list may go on and on!  But let's start with the basic!  Always remember, get to know your skin and provide ONLY what the skin needs!

What's the most interesting new product for you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. They do have great skin! I sometimes watch a bit of Korean dramas on TV, and they look gorgeous even with minimal makeup. Their skin looks so smooth and soft!

  2. OMG! I love pony pony! She's so cute and talented. She always pull off different looks. :)

    1. Yay! you love her too! I love her! She's so adorable pa!


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