Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Wonder: What is your To-Go-To Neutral palette? (Local Brands)

I am a neutral girl, you obviously know that by now if you are a long-time reader of AskMeWhats!  And I have my favorite palette I usually reach out for when I go to events, parties or simply, when I want to make myself look presentable!

And these palettes are home-grown!

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics
Eyebrow/Eyeshadow Quad

Beloved, Intense, Wish and Hush

What I love about this palette is how handy it is!  I can bring this anywhere and retouch both my eyeshadow and eyebrows!  Yes, you read that right, 2 of these shadows can double up as eyebrow powder!  (2 shadows on top).

Aside from that, I like the fact that you only get a small "pan" per shade. I mean who can really finish up an eyeshadow?  (well, probably makeup artists!)  But for personal use, I can never finish a single pan of eyeshadow unless I use it on a daily basis to fill in my brows or as a highlighting powder!

Next favorite?  Happy Skin All Eyes on Hue eyeshadow palette. 
Every since I received this as gift, I've been reaching out to this palette like crazy!  Let me tell you why!

You can create day to night eye makeup looks with ease!  
Each eyeshadow are highly pigmented and you can layer them to increase intensity/pigmentation.

You can create a very nice eye makeup using all 4 shadows or even just 1-2 of the shadows!  

Here is my very simple daytime eye makeup using all 4 shades!  

I Wonder:
"What is your To-go-to Neutral Palette that is a local brand?"

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