Saturday, January 24, 2015

What's Your Throwback?

My throwback? Is a SECRET!
No, I mean I'm not keeping it a secret..but it's SECRET!


When I received this package as a gift last Christmas, I gave out a big smile because I remembered back in the day when I was saving up my "Christmas Money" just to purchase Secret at Greenhills!  Yes, it was an "imported, expensive" thing during those days but you can't blame a girl who grew up with Teen and YM magazines!

And of course, the reason why I kept on repurchasing is the fact that this product works!  I forgot to bring deodrant/anti-perspirant when I was in Boracay several years ago and my arms literally sweat like a pig!  I had to purchase Secret at a nearby store (thankful they have these available).  SO YES, the SECRET Sheer Dry and Platinum Protection are my throwback because I've used them both! 

Then, Mr. AMW received Old Spice High Endurance, another TBT which is really funny because he also used one in the past! 

What's your "ThrowBack" product?
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