Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How To: Create Bigger Looking Eyes in a Subtle Manner

You see something different in my photo below?

Well, my right eye (left eye facing you) looks more defined...and bigger!
I'm tired of seeing "How to Achieve Bigger eyes" but when you click on the tutorial, you see heavily done eye makeup --- from dark smokey eyes, dramatic lashes and very thick eyeliner!  That's why the queen of "I want to look natural" is finally creating a Photo-torial for fellow natural beauty lovers out less than 5 EASY steps!

A photo of makeup tutorial for small eyes to appear larger

Step 1:
Use a basic medium brown eyeshadow.  In this tutorial, I used one from Make Up For Ever.

Apply this with a blending brush to create a "shadow" or fake deep set eyes.

Step 2:
Pick any eyeliner of choice.  Best if the liner is creamy and easy to "smudge".  I am actually loving L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Lasting Silky Crayon in Brown.

1. Making sure to stay very close to the upper lash line, apply a thin layer as shown on photo 1.
2. Apply thickly at the center.  This will help create an illusion of a larger eye.
3. With a pencil brush, smudge the liner immediately before it sets.
4. Feather out extending the liner, basis is at the end of your eyebrows.

Step 3:
At this stage, I pulled out a very natural-looking false lashes!  Pick ones that are lightweight.  BohkToh One is a Thai Brand.  This fits my eye perfectly I don't need to trim the lashes!  

If you think wearing false lashes is a bit of a hassle, you can skip this step, instead, curl your lashes and apply coats of mascara! 

Tip:  You don't need dramatic lashes to make eyes appear larger, you only need a pair of lashes that works for your eye shape.

Step 4:
The trick to bigger looking eyes is actually "highlighting" key areas.  Using my favorite Benefit High Brow Glow, I highlight the area below the brows and my waterline.

You may choose to use the same Highlight pen from Benefit to do this next step, but my favorite for the inner corner of my eye is from Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay 24H Gel Eyeliner in Butterscotch.

Check out my Before and After Photo!
A photo on how to create bigger looking eyes in 5 minutes

Do you have another trick in creating bigger looking eyes?
Do you like my Big Eye trick?
This actually works for me and I love the fact that I still look like..ME!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Galing! It's so simple that even I can do it! Hehe

    1. Yay Anne! Do it! I want to see your version! tag me!

  2. Nice Tips & Tricks ms. nikki! ita try ko din to;)

  3. Ang ganda! Simple and pretty mo dito Ms. Nikki. Pwedeng everyday make up ko to ah. I just need to find my perfect eyeliner brand. :)

  4. Ang galing! If you add dolly eye contacts, your eyes will look even bigger :)

    1. Naku of course! pero I try to keep it as simple as possible as I'm aiming for those who don't have enough time and makeup :D

  5. aus! matry nga ito.thank you for this tips :)

  6. i love it ms nikki! i can recreate this on my two siblings sila kasi ang nagmana ng chinita eyes ng mother namin ako yung iba malaki ang mata (mana kay papa)

  7. Nikki i ❤ falsies. I got a pack from Bokhtoh and d.u.p

    Hope to read more reviews on these brands


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