Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Mom and Dad's 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebration

These photos where taken 50 years ago! 
Yes, my mom and dad recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary and I can't help but reminisce on how lucky I am to have them as my parents!
Yes, I blogged about this the first time HERE but I was asked so many times over email on the suppliers so I had to re-write one again including photos from the official photographer!

My mom was only 17 years old and my dad was 29.  With 12 years different, they look like the "Loveteam of the lifetime" bagay na bagay!  

Like I said over my past blog post, it was a very simple gathering of less than 30 guests but we want to make sure all the details are well thought off!

The event took place at Ascott Makati, we picked that particular hotel because we are staying in that night.  I actually had to lie that I need to do a makeup workshop from 5:00pm to 7:00pm but in reality, I was fixing the area making sure everything is A-okay!  Thanks to my mom and dad in law for coming in early to help me look after Kyle as the mom gets down and dirty! :P  

Just when all the guests are complete, I texted my "accomplices" a.k.a. the siblings in asking them to meet up with me at the "ballroom" to save time!  The surprise pulled through!  Saw my mom and dad in tears! :D

Now on to the event design.  The tarpaulin was done by a Tarpaulin printing place near our home.  For the size 3x8 feet, it costs around Php600.00.  Not bad considering they helped us pick the background and they were the ones who adjusted the photos and text!   The quality of the print was really good!  

Of course, the gorgeous HOST of the night!  Service fee?  FREE-OF-Charge!  Service out of love! :D

And my super handsome IT Guy :P  He was the one who made sure the slide show and music is A-okay!  

As for the cake, instead of the usual 1 big cake, my mom and dad both have diabetes so we've decided to go for cupcakes so we can give it out to guests after the party!  :) 

The cake stand is from the hotel and the big 50th Anniversary printout is made by Mr. & Mr. AMW!

Sweet History Red Velvet Cupcakes
Contact Aiza Cuenca 0917-5711217

I also DIY'd on the table centerpieces!  The flowers were from the hotel but I put a bit of personal touch!  If I have more time, I would include printout of old pictures of mom and dad!  But yeah, it was that exact month when I don't have yaya so I just can't seem to squeeze in the time!  But just in case you're planning a party for your parents, it would be great to include photos so guests can have a look!

Though the party was super simple, there were a lot of "firsts" that happened that night!  For the first time, I saw my mom and dad kiss lips to lips!  In public! hehehe

How child-like they look feeling big pieces of cupcake to each other!

Over the years, my mom had been complaining on how she haven't received flowers from my dad!  I used to think he's "Kuripot" but come to think of it, he was actually saving up for all 4 of us to study in a good school!  Kaya tonight, bumawi si dad!  Flower arrangement made by Ascott Makati!  (Great job!)

La AMW Familia and the celebrants!
Thanks to my Baby for being such an angel!  Though he lack sleep, he remained calm, cute and jolly!

All photos taken by Photoman guys!  Please message me (through contact button on the page) so I'll give you their personal numbers!  

Thanks Ascott Makati (Genevieve) for everything!  The staffs were super helpful and courteous that night!

A big tip!  Please request for food tasting!  I am so happy I really took the time to have the food tasting because some of the dishes included in the buffet are Spicy and my dad dislikes spicy food! :)

Belated Happy Love Day you all!
Make everyday Valentine's Day! 
Stay happy and in love!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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