Monday, February 16, 2015

Lipsticks of the Week: Happy Skin x Liz Uy StyLIZed Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies

Happy Monday everyone!  How was the Valentine's Weekend?  Me, spent it quite simply with families!  And the best part?  I get to spend more time bonding with Mr. AMW and Toddler AMW!  

So on to the juicy news!  When Happy Skin launched their newest Shut Up & Kiss Me collaboration with Style Icon Liz Uy, I felt bad I wasn't able to attend the launch but that didn't stop me from purchasing all 3 lippies!  Seriously, these 3 shades are what EVERY GIRL should own!

Then, over the weekend, I received a kit sent by Happy Skin!  So yes, I now own 2 of each shades and most of the time, I'll give the extra ones away!  On a very unusual note, I actually took hold of this "clutch" and kept this inside my "backups storage".  Yes, these lippies are THAT good I am actually taking 3 for myself and 3 for clients!  And I actually wanted to get more because these are limited edition! 

Style Icon

The favorite shade of most Beauty Bloggers.  I actually wore this over the weekend at a Children's party and a good friend of mine said: "You look great ha!"  And that's a first for me to receive such compliment wearing a pale colored lipstick!  Style Icon is perfect for those who would like to wear nude colored lippies but tend to look "sickly", this shade definitely can complement light to dark skinned gals!

24 Carats

 You want to know how tired I am with the "hot pink lips" trend?  Ever since the "Kris Aquino" bright pink lipsticks phenomenon around the year 2010, I own so many hot pink lippies because they are always requested to me by clients!  So can you imagine just how tired I am seeing "yet another" hot pink lipstick for the year 2015?

As I "hohum-ing" applied 24 Carats and reviewed the photo, I can't believe how this color instantly brightened up  my whole "being".  This shade reminds me so much of my favorite Revlon 020 Lovesick shade BUT, I am actually LOVING this more because of it's wonderful pigmentation, you get that much of a "hot pink" in one swipe!  And best of all?  It keeps my lips hydrated all day long!


Red Carpet

As much as I wanted to give Style Icon a try, I can't help but picked this red shade lipstick from the collection a test because a true test to a great lipstick brand is how good they make their red lipstick!  (Don't ask me where this rule is from, it just popped out of my head at 2:00am :P)  But it is so true,  if a brand can make a red lipstick that makes your teeth appears whiter and doesn't make you look like you're older by at least a decade, hold that red lippie close to your heart!  And that's what I'm doing with Happy Skin x Liz Uy's Red Carpet Shade.

Overall, I wouldn't go in the details with the texture or quality of these lippies because they are highly pigmented, super hydrating and glides on like a dream!  That is the promise of each Happy Skin Shup Up & Kiss Me Lippies and so far, they are staying true to their promises!  

On the not so positive side, some may still complain about the prize of these lippies considering they are a local brand.  Priced at Php599.00 each and in slim leather case for Php1,400.00 or clear acrylic clutch for Php1,799.00, they are worth EVERY SINGLE Cent!  And the thing is, I don't earn a buck  saying positive things about these lippies!  Case close! :D

You may purchase online or list of stores near you.

Which among the 3 shades is your favorite?
I can't seem to pick one so please help me which shade works best for me! :D

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. 24 Carats looks better for me out of the bunch :)

    From Manila with Love

  2. the red one looks good on you! super pretty po :)

  3. Awww...they are so pretty. I think I would try the red carpet. It just perfect...not too light and not too dark.

    1. I agree, Red Carpet is really nice! I love all 3 shades to be honest!

  4. I like the Style Icon lippie shade for you Ms. Nikki. It gives you a classic chic, fresh and sophisticated look.👍 For me I guess, the 24 carats pink because I love vibrant pink lippies.😊

    1. Thanks for picking your favorite! I believe 24 Carats would look nice on you!


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