Monday, February 23, 2015

Why I'm Starting to Like Purple Lips!

Yes, I am starting to like deep purple lipsticks!  

The first one I tried was from Inglot Berry Obsession Collection and the shade is 293.  I got a lot of positive feedback regarding this color --- all thanks to you guys for the love so I'm getting more comfortable wearing this shade!

Now, the Inglot Shade 293 is a favorite of mine but may be too dramatic for daytime look!  So off to search for a more wearable purple lipstick and guess what?  I recently received a lipstick from TCFS called Hot Girl Lip Sticker.

Here it is....

Too Cool For School Hot Girl Lip Sticker 
In Blazing Purple
Php435.00 (approx $10.00)

 As always, there is a Good news and a Bad News....

Let me start with the good news, this  lipstick is a mini pocket sized lippie in 2.45g instead of the usual 5g!  This size is perfect to tote along plus it is easy to try outrageous shades without worrying about wastage. 

The bad news?  Well, obviously, if you fell in love with the shade just like me falling in love with Blazing Purple, you may have to purchase a couple of backups (like what I'll be doing!)  

Shade: Blazing Purple

The effect of this lip color will be different depending on how pigmented your lips are and of course, let us always consider the skintone!  Let me know if you want me to write a separate post on how to effectively wear purple lipsticks!

Back to my lips, I have really pigmented, naturally reddish lips so the effect turned out to be almost "deep maroon".  But in person, it has more purplish tint!  

The Too Cool For School Hot Girl Lip Sticker in Blazing Purple is highly pigmented, one swipe, you get an awesome deep reddish purple shade!  The formulation is creamy so it glides on my lips with ease on each application!  It gives a nice three-dimensional effect like my lips are extremely healthy!  And because of the reddish tint, my teeth appears whiter! 

The only downside is the obvious dry lines it may accentuate if you did not properly moisture beforehand!  I don't think this as an issue as I found a way to make my lips insanely soft before using dark colored lipsticks!  

Creamy matte finish is the name!

Now why do I start to like purple lipsticks?
Well, it gives a unique "glow" to the usual red lipsticks!  I can actually get away without eye makeup and just fix my brows and apply powder foundation just like on photo below without looking like I'm going to a club!  And the best part, I can easily transform day to night time makeup by applying dark eye makeup and a bit of blush!

The TCFS Blazing Purple can be applied with light hand for those who aren't comfortable wearing dark shade lipsticks and can definitely be layered to a deep purple shade that can make you look like you just came out from a runway! :)

Have you tried using purple lipsticks?
What's your favorite shade and brand?

I only tried 2 dark ones, this and the one from Inglot!  I can't wait to share more purple lips discovery!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That shade looks amazing on you! Love the purple too.

  2. Haven't tried purple lipstick coz im afraid i will look old with that shade (morena skin here). I usually go with peachy and orangy shade.

    1. I know what you mean! But for Morena, I'm sure a lighter version of a purple would look great on yoU!

  3. it looks pretty decent on you.. i havent tried lippie that is in this shade but i am contemplating what to get WnW or Nyx =)

    1. hahahah decent looking ba? well, I haven't really wore this shade a lot and I want to be at least a bit adventurous naman since I'm "mature" na, when pa will I go for wild colored lippies? Kung super old na? So yeah..grab the chance! hahaha

    2. true nga ms nikki other people told me kasi hindi daw po bagay sa akin ang red pano pa po kaya yung mas darker shades =( so to play safe i wear shades in pink or one in coral


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