Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Food Trip at: ZHU Kitchen, Banawe

Happy Weekend Restaurant Hopping friends!
My life was super busy way before I had Kyle Nash, but now that I have him, I nearly don't have time to sit in a restaurant just to enjoy a "hot" meal!  But now that I'm getting the hang of playing with Kyle on one hand and eating on the other hand, Mr. AMW and I do like to go on a date once in awhile!  Even as simple as going back to the restaurant I want to dine in at instead of the usual takeout!

Zhu Kitchen at Banawe

We dined here February 15, a day after Valentine's Day so we had the restaurant all to ourselves! 

Beancurd Roll
Php98.00 (approx $2.00)

I call myself an expert when it comes to good dimsum and bad dimsum!  I've tried ZHU Kitchen's Siomai and as stated on my first post, they are good!  But the Beancurd Roll?  They tasted different from the usual Beancurd Roll you get from other Chinese restaurants.  Instead of meat, they have more vegetables inside so I call this a lightweight starter!  Vegetable lovers would appreciate this roll for sure!

Zhu Beef La Mien
Php175.00  (Approx $4.00)
 I've always been in search for a good La Mien here in Manila, I've tried numerous La Mien back when I was working in China and I can still pinpoint the most delicious La Mien I've tried ---- Lin'an, Zhejiang Province made by Chinese Muslims from Urumqi....really really good!

How does Zhu Beef La Mien fared?  Not bad!  The only downside is the strong taste of coriander which I'm not a fan of but that is a personal preference!  The beef is extremely soft and almost melts into your mouth and the texture of the noodles is really nice! 

White Sauce Seafood Baked Rice
Php245.00 (approx $5.50)
 A unique rice dish that you can find in a Chinese Restaurant!  The closest probably would be Fookien rice but this one is totally different making this dish NON-Chinese! 

As much as I want to give a high rating, the excess cream/sauce is overwhelming this dish is definitely meant to be shared!  You get strips of crabsticks, fish fillet and other seafood ingredients but the creamy white sauce was overwhelming I can't seem to taste the flavor of seafood anymore!

The taste itself isn't bad, I just wish they lessen the cream. 

Crispy Cereal Prawns
Php360.00 (approx $8.18)

 We seldom order seafood in any of our restaurant trip because I'm allergic to them!  But since I ate at Dampa a couple of weeks ago and didn't had any seafood allergies, I want to give seafood eating a try with Anti-histamines on hand!

The Crispy Cereal Prawns dish was highly recommended by the server so we believed him!  They came in really flavorful and crunchy But, personal preference, it would be better if they lessen the salt!  OR, maybe this dish does not go well with the White Sauce Seafood Baked rice! 

Overall, the food at ZHU Kitchen is refreshing in a way that they taste different than most Chinese restaurants!  I will definitely go back to try their other dishes like Hot Prawn Salad and other Dimsum!  

The only complaint I have in this restaurant is the number of mosquitoes that bit me!  In an hour, I killed 2 mosquit0es (using 1 hand!  yes, I'm an expert! :P)  and I ended up having 2 bites from fellow "visitors"  Ack! I wish the restaurant do something about this as that would probably be one reason why I will go back to taking out instead of dining in!

Zhu Kitchen
G/F Z-Square Mall, Banawe Ave. 
cor. Del Monte Ave., Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila 

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