Monday, March 2, 2015

AMW Reports: Dove Invites us to #GoPlay with Your Hair

Did you know that almost 84% of us are aware that styling activities we do on our hair can actually damage them?

I knew about it from the start but I still style my hair on a daily basis makes me feel more confident and beautiful!  Please say "Yes" if you agree with me!

So when I got an invite from Dove to Go Play With My Hair and Dove takes care of the damage, I knew I had to free up my schedule and see what they are up to!

The event showcased several activities we do to our hair that can cause permanent hair damage.

Combing and brushing...

Blow-drying or even just a simple towel drying!

Different hairstyling...

And my favorite most damaging of them all --- coloring and straightening!  

Thankfully, Dove's latest campaign actually do not STOP us from doing what we love to do with our hair to make us fee good!  They actually encourage us to keep on playing with our hair as Dove takes care of the damage with their Keratin-Actives product line!

My favorite Dove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamin (review HERE)

Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo

and Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner

These products does not only repairs damaged hair but also strengthens it to make it more resilient against future damage.  Kerain-Actives provide superior nourishment and deeply penetrate into hair to repair it from the inside out, so hair looks and feels healthy and moves beautifully.

Okay, it is difficult to explain how it works, so thankfully, they showed us a demo on how Dove better.  They put in Shampoo Solution of a Brand X and Dove, leaving the white rose exposed to 45 minutes heat (via hair dryer).  Here's the result!

Left rose facing you --- brand X
Right rose facing you --- Dove
To see is to believe!

And just like any Dove event, they made it fun by inviting everyone to tease, twirl, tousle our hair!  I had so much fun with fellow bloggers who were there during the event.

The most fun part?  Creating our own FLIP-BOOK!

Watch my video here :)

Dove's Intense Repair Haircare range is available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide!

Please, try the Dove Hair Vitamins --- I love it so much I'm literally advertising it...for FREE! :D

How confident are you with your current hair situation?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. woot ang laki ng blower ms nikki! hehe i have tried the hair vitamin and it was love at first use.. their shampoo and conditioner makes my hair managable and soft!

    1. btw ms nikki belated happy birthday po =)

    2. I know nakakaloka yung blowdryer! Thanks for the birthday greeting!

  2. Cute ng video mo :3 and I saw you on TV kanina, they featured the Dove event. I love the giant blower, hahaha! I wish I could take it home and turn it into a quirky couch

    1. Tellie, everyone's telling me about it but I haven't seen it! hehehe I want the blowdryer too! as in! dun ako unang nag pose! agad agad! hahaha


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