Friday, March 27, 2015

AMW Reports: New Pampers Baby Dry Launch

I was invited, together with my little angel, to a launch of the Best and Driest in 10 years, all-new Pampers Baby Dry.  With hashtag #FirstsWithPampers, I can't help but use this hashtag a lot because it is indeed my FIRST with Pampers!

It is a first Mommy and Son event bonding and first to actually have Mr. AMW accompany me!  And you want to know how I felt that day?  I felt like I belong!  So I can't wait for more mommy and son Blogging activities in the future!

Before I talk about the event itself, let me share to you my almost 2-year-journey as a first-time mom.  When it comes to Kyle's many firsts, I documented it all!  You see them on Instagram, on my Blog and I actually jot down notes on my little #KyleNash notebook!  One of the many firsts I remembered jotting down is the many brands of diapers I tried!   #TrueStory  So when I got an invite not only to attend the event but to be a Digital Ambassador for Pampers, I immediately said YES because I am true Pampers user!

That day, the hubby and I woke up early to prepare Kyle's first Blogging Event!  He actually woke up earlier than the usual so that explains THIS photo...

Here's a better shot..but still sleepy Kyle!

Upon entering the event venue at Active Fun Building, I immediately spotted the table where a cute photo of my son was displayed!  Thank you so much Pampers and Fuentes Manila for this wonderful surprise!  You made me extremely happy!

As I looked around the venue, it reminds me so much of a surprise Baby Shower Party and Baby's 1st Birthday party rolled in one!

True enough, it is indeed a Baby Shower Party for Pampers' Brand Ambassador, the new mom --- Ms. Andi  Manzano-Reyes!

Dessert Table that screams "Cuteness overload"!

These goodies caught the eyes of the young and young-at-heart!

And can I say the Diaper Cake is so unique and nice?   Perfect gift for mommies!

The place was packed with friends from Media, Bloggers, husbands and the star of the event?  --- Kids and babies!

The event was hosted by first-time mommy Gelli Victor.

During the event, I learned so many things I tend to ignore!  According to Dra. Apple Alfonso:  "Studies have shown  that babies who sleep better are happier and more sociable in the mornings.  They appear more positive about interacting and concentrating and are more alert, playful and friendly with those around them."

I can really attest to that!  Kyle is very cranky if he loses sleep from teething, random sickness like coughs and colds, and the most common reason for babies waking up at night? --- wetness!  I've always thought getting good sleep for babies meant good sleep for the parents and maybe for them to grow taller!  Never have I thought the deeper effects a good sleep can give!

Sleep are those moments really important for baby's social and cognitive development so we need to create an environment for babies comfortable enough to have their full 12 hours of sleep!  

Since Pampers believes that all babies should have a night of complete sleep and Pampers Baby Dry is one solution to the many "wetness" problems, they introduced the all new Pampers Baby-Dry and Premium Care.

According to Pampers ---
"New Pampers Baby Dry is the BEST and DRIEST in 10 years, delivering up to 12 hours of skin dryness, for a night of complete sleep.  All New Pampers Baby Dry now has stretchy tapes that adapt to the baby's shape and movements, still with Magic Gel that locks in wetness better than other diapers."

And I can't wait to try it and see for myself.  

During the event, they did live demo on and off stage.

I will share more about this test on my next post because to see is to believe!

L-R Jan Ang Country Marketing Manager of P&G Distributing (Phils) Inc.
Andi-Manzano-Reyes - Brand Ambassador
Gelli Victor - host and first time mom

A group shot of me and my fellow Pampers Digital Ambassadors!
L-R Roxi Santiago of Mommy Roxi, Ginger Arboleda of Mommy Ginger, Frances Sales of Mommy Topaz, Jane Kingsu-Cheng of Flats & Stilletos,Andi Manzano-Reyes, Shen of Shen's Addiction, me and Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful.

I am so happy to be part of the family!  Thanks Pampers Philippines

What's your baby's current diaper?
Does he/she wakes up at night due to wetness?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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