Thursday, March 26, 2015

How To: Simple Make Up For Glass Wearers

It's Photo-torial day!
So one reader, obviously a glass-wearer, requested for a tutorial on simple makeup for girls like her who want to look good but have the specks that could cover half of the face!

I am not a glass-wearer, so I rummaged through my eyeglasses drawer and found one from Fly Shades!  #Lucky

Here's how smart I look with glasses on!
So what is my version of a simple makeup for glass wearers like you and ME? (for this post only)

Before and After

As always, if you like the simple transformation, scroll further down for more tips!

Step 1:
Conceal areas that needed to be concealed!
Okay, I didn't do this step as I've created a post on how to conceal problem areas!  If you are a glass wearer, as much as possible, skip the full-faced foundation!  Instead, I highly recommend to spot-correct and conceal.

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Step 2:
Once your face is ready, don't set it with powder yet, instead, proceed to doing your eye makeup!  Now don't forget to do your brows when you do your eye makeup!  Defining your brows is super important even if you have glasses on!  Wearing glass may make your natural brows disappear so use your brow products wisely!

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Step 3:
Now on to the eye makeup!  When you are a glass wearer, it is very important to use eye makeup products that lasts through sweat, tears and humidity!  I prefer to use cream based eye makeup like this one from Bobbi Brown. The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow + Liner in Smokey Topaz.  Apply using your fingers for more intensity or brush if you prefer it to look more natural.

Step 4: 
Pick your favorite eyeshadow palette that consists of Plain Jane MATTE shadows!  I picked my favorite local Neutral Palette from Ellana Minerals called Ellana Eyeshadow/Eyebrow Quad.

Picked Beloved shade,  the medium shade that is perfect for contour and apply it on the crease area going straight to the sides of the nose as shown on photo below!

When you wear glasses, your face tends to look flat and lifeless, so doing a natural "contour step" is necessary to create more depth and dimension.

Step 5:
Picking the darkest shade from the palette called Intense, "deepen" your eye area especially if you have Asian eyes like I do!  This step will fake a deeper crease.

Step 6:
Using mostly dark and medium colored shadows will make your eyes look dark, droopy and heavy if covered with glasses!  Don't forget to highlight your lid with any lighter shades of eyeshadow.  If you don't have matte version, you can use your favorite pressed powder and apply at the center of the lids.

Step 7:
Line your eyes!  Another really important step if you do your eye makeup!  If you have frameless glasses are thin-framed glasses, feel free to create thick and bold eyeline.  As for my glasses, the frame itself is black, thick and obviously the center of attention when worn, I prefer to go for thin liner using K-Palette 24H Eyeliner in Black.  You may feel free to choose any eyeliner that doesn't smudge or smear!  

A closer look on my eye makeup.
If you noticed, I skipped mascara application for the sake of readers who have long and full lashes!  Wearing mascara will add length to your lashes thus you may have the problem of having your lashes hit the glasses.  If you have short and sparse lashes like I do, you may pick your favorite "volumizing" mascara instead of lengthening.

Step 8:
Time to clean up some mess and "set" your makeup.
My new discovery is the Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish powder (available at   As you know, we skipped foundation application so we may have issues left on pores. fine lines and other skin issues so this finely-milled powder is said to have sort of a light-bending particles that help diffuse light thus blurring imperfections and create seamingly flawless complexion.  After using this , I have to agree.  So back to the tutorial...

After you set your face with this, check the area where the glasses touch your skin....

And apply more powder on those areas.

Step 9:
Blush time!
I picked a 2-in-1 product from Cover Girl called Instant Cheekbones.  Without having to "contour" my cheeks, this gives definition on my face because it brightens, highlights and creates an inner glow that is unexplainable! 

To apply, you have to wear your glasses and if your glasses touch the apples of your cheeks, skip the smile-and-apply blush step and go ahead and apply your blush starting from your hairline going inwards as shown on photo below.  This step will help "contour" your face in the most natural way!

Step 10:
Pick any lipstick you want!  You don't have to wear bright colored lips as we are not diverting attention to your lips but we are actually making the glasses work for your face in general!  This is to show you how a light-colored lip product works the same as a dramatic one.

Left: Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me Lippie in Style Icon
Right: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl
Which one is your favorite?

That is 10 simple steps to having a better look if you wear glasses!  I know I missed a lot of steps but this is the simplest way imagine-able to look at least you spent a long time trying to look gorgeous but in truth, it takes you less than 10 minutes to do so!

Glass-wearers out there, any additional tips you may want to add for our reader?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hi ms nikki this is just perfect for me.. been wearing eyeglasses for almost half of my life =) this is simple yet very wearable perfect for everyday look

    1. wow! half of your life? So what's your makeup style? Share :D

    2. yes! been wearing eyeglasses since i was in my 1st yr highschool and i only did natural makeup, sometimes i did smokey eyes kaya lang parang nonsense kasi nga po naka eyeglasses ako =(

  2. Hi Nikki, i have been waiting for a make up tutorial for people with pigmented eyelid. Could you please make one. Will really appreciate if you can post one. Thanks.

    1. Hi, yes, I've noted it down and it will be around soon! Hope you understand requests take a bit of time :) Thanks for your patience ha?

    2. No worries Nikki.

  3. look stunning! Love that makeup for glass wearers. Simple but classy. Love that shade of lippie too.

    1. Thanks Emma! Glad you liked this tutorial! There are many more ways for sure and I'd love to hear your version :D (or read) :D


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