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How To Fake Flawless, Glowing Skin + My favorite Makeup Look

Hi AMW Friends!  Tomorrow, I'll be turning 36!  Eeek!  
So my makeup style nowadays has been centered on faking healthy, flawless and glowing skin!  Because in real life (without makeup), my skin is dull and lifeless from lack of sleep!  I have also been posting "selfies" whenever I attend events with my favorite makeup style!  And some of you dear readers were asking for a tutorial for that specific favorite makeup look of mine! (thank you!)

This is a Photo-torial post so please bear with me!  Don't get tired seeing my face okay :D

My current favorite Glowing Skin, Flawless Face and Natural makeup to make me look *ahem* younger.

Step 1: Brows
This step may be in the middle or last, depending on your preference, I prefer to do my brows first!  In this tutorial, I used Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Brow Powder.

Step 2: Correct, Conceal and Highlight
This is a very important step to achieve flawless, glowing skin.  I used 2 concealers for this particular tutorial.  One that will correct my undereye darkness and another one to conceal + highlight the center of my face.

My self-proclaimed corrector, I got this particular L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Concealer in shade Medium/Deep.  This has a strong "orange" tone to it so this concealer is perfect to correct my undereye darkness.

This concealer came with a brush so I gently apply concentration on the dark areas.  With a wet sponge from Nippon Esthetics or any sponge you have at home, gently dab to blend out lines!  The key to a perfect concealing/correcting is the way you "dab" (never rub!)

Now on to conceal and highlight.
I picked Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in Place Flawless Wear concealer because this concealer has a natural "highlight" effect whenever I use this!  I can't seem to wear this alone because the shade is lighter than my skin, since my "correting shade" is a tad bit dark on me, this works so well when used on top of the L'Oreal concealer.

Apply shade Light Medium on the lower triangle of your eyes, keep in mind to use light hand motion so you won't  rub off your previous corrector.  (Tip: You may use only 1 concealer if you don't have dark under eye circles like I do!)

With just the simple steps above, you see a major difference on how your skin "glow" naturally!  

Step 3: Set
Now where is the foundation in this step?  Well, the key to achieving natural, flawless makeup is to apply the least makeup as possible.  If you have acne marks on other areas of your face, go ahead and spot correct/conceal them!  The areas of my face that don't need coverage, I try to keep it free from too much makeup as possible!  This way, you don't have to worry about your makeup caking up within the day!

Since we're on the focus of creating bright and glowing skin, I picked a powder that gives a good luminance! 

Tony Moly Baby Aura Luminous Baby Aura Pact
This powder has light coverage, I don't actually need any coverage but a "setting powder" skill with a bit of glow!  And I got that from Baby Aura!  An in-depth review on this powder soon on this blog!

Use the velour puff that comes with the compact, apply with quick, patting motion!

 See the difference?

Step 4: Contour/Highlight
The glowing skin part is done so you may proceed with your usual makeup style!  Since I promised readers that I will share a tutorial on my favorite makeup look, feel free to scroll further down for more photos!

Contour key areas.  Feel free to read my previous post on how to contour and highlight. (with cream or powder)

Step 4: Eyes
I recently showed how I created my eye makeup with Pixi by Petra paletteAfter doing the eye makeup, line your eyes with your favorite black liner staying close to the upper lashline!  No winged-liner for this look because I want to keep it very simple and natural.

As for the bottom lashline, I used a dark brow eyeliner pencil from Koji Line Beat 24H Long Lasting Eyeliner .

Step 5: Blush
If possible, choose a blush that isn't matte so you won't mask the "glowy" skin you created earlier!  The best blush for me to create that "dewy" skin is from L'Oreal!  I blogged about it HERE because pigmentation is very light but the glow is there! 

Optional: Highlight
If you don't have a blush that has a glow, feel free to fake it by applying highlighting products.  My favorite is from Benefit Girl Meets Pearl.

Apply this on key areas of the face, the outer C (from temple to your cheekbones), the bridge of your nose and cupid's bow)

Step 6: Lips
This is my favorite lip makeup style!  I have full and heavily pigmented lips, and to create a more natural look, I like to blur out the lines of my lips with a lip conealer, in my case, my favorite is a nude lipstick from Too Cool For School.  As for the center of my lips, I picked a red lip liner from Nars called Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon girl and gently apply at the center of the lips with vertical strokes!  Rub my lips together and apply Canmake Tokyo Candy Wrap Lip in Honey.

Extra! Extra
This is definitely an extra step, to keep everything clean, I use the Estee Lauder concealer I used on Step 2 and clean up my outer lips. 

Do I look 5 years younger?  *sana*!

Whew!  This is such a long post!
I hope you guys learn something from my simple, straightforward photo-torial!  Please bear in mind that you don't have to use the exact products/brands I used in this post!  Feel free to test and try whatever makeup you have at home!  If you're unsure, message me by commenting below!  I am more than willing to help!

May you have a bright DAY and SKIN!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. i so love this tutorial ms nikki! you look stunning here =) heart heart!

    1. aww, thanks for liking this tutorial :)

    2. you're welcome po ms nikki! i love how you make your brows looking natural here

  2. Thank you for this tutorial Ms. Nikki.. dami kong natutunan :D Can't wait to try this look :)

  3. Love this look on you, Nikki! :) I especially liked the hair. ❤️

  4. Advanced Happy Birthday Nikki!

  5. Na-amazed talaga ako sa result ng concealer! Btw, you dont look like your age Ms. Nikki. Advance Happy Birthay!
    Question: whats the right color corrector/concealer for purple or dark undereye? Confused ako lagi dito.tia

    1. aww thank you Ana! :)
      For purple or dark undereye, go for orange correctors :D

  6. Thanks Nikki for sharing yours :D
    I also have a dull skin whenever I didn't put any makeup.

    1. My pleasure! Let's all have good, healthy looking skin together for the year 2015 :D


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