Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lips of the Day: Canmake Tokyo Candy Wrap Lip (Honey)

My first ever Canmake product is a lipgloss called Tokyo Candy Wrap Lip!  The shade is in Honey and I'm so happy to get the chance to try this from last year's BDJ Corporate Chic "box".  Since I got this, I have been reaching out to this when I want "pale lipped" effect minus the dryness!  Yes, I have the worlds' driest of all dry lips so when I say a product is effective for my crocodile lips --- you know I'm not pulling your leg! 

For reference, I wore no "color" makeup just to show you the "effect" of the shade Honey on me!  Yes, I look pale..and NO I'm not sick! :P

But do I love this?  I absolutely ADORE this!  If you are in a hurry, you may now leave..but I know you want to read more about this (I'm using the power of positive thinking and I hope it is effective!) so please scroll down!

Canmake Tokyo Candy Wrap Lip

"Stand out in your workplace with this beautifully sheer lip gloss packed with beauty essence and moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid, squalane, honey and royal jelly extract. It comes in a fleur honey shade that’s lightly tinted and super shiny, to highlight your pucker. Just apply one coat and it will spread evenly over your lips, so you’re ready to show off a polished and sophisticated finish!"

For a lipgloss that is so pale it almost makes me invisible to the naked eye (lol), why such love?  Well, the fact that I can do the J-Lo nude lipped look without the dryness!  I have been opting for neutral, almost invisible lip color nowadays because I've been wearing too much reds and hot pinks over the past months!   For a change, this is my "change" as of the moment!  

The Canmake Tokyo Candy Wrap Lip in Honey is sheer and you can apply 2-3 times and the effect will be the same (just glossier!)  Because part of the ingredients include hyaluronic acid, squalene, honey and royal jelly extract, you know that this will hydrate your lips making it feel soft and supple even after removal!

Now, the big question is..."Is it sticky?"

NO!  The feel of this gloss is lightweight, almost weightless even if I apply and reapply!  I tend to just apply a layer or 2 because applying more will create more "gloss" thus making my full lips appear fuller!  

On a side note, if you want a nude lipstick "look", meaning, without the shine.  You can easily achieve this by gently patting on a clean sheet of tissue on top of your lips and remove excess shine!  I've been doing this extra step just to cheat a matte, nude lippie look!

Canmake Tokyo Candy Wrap Lip (Honey)
Applied alone

 If you have medium to dark skin, you can get away wearing this alone!  While if you're like me who has fair skin, don't forget to add a wash of color on your eyes or apply a thick liner and a bit of blush!

How do you like the effect of Canmake Tokyo Candy Wrap Lip in Honey on me?What look will you create using this shade?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. sis gustong gusto ko din tong candy lip wrap na to! hindi kasi sticky and feeling ko namomoisturize yung lips ko! great review! :D

    1. high five! I agre with you, hindi nga sticky at highly moisturizing! Kaya love ko din to! :D


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