Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How To: Cream Contour and Highlight using Pro 15 Color Corrector Palette

Just when I was about to go out, thankfully, the ever loyal Photographer of mine Mr. AMW was available to take a photo of me doing a complete Contour and Highlight using cream concealers.  Now before you go: "Cream what?  WHY?"  well, the effect is really nice and it isn't as hard as it looks/sound! 

P.S. In this photo-torial, I used Pro 15 Color Corrector Palette from Pro Studio Beauty!  The quality is amazing, you get most of the shades you need for both concealing and correcting.  The best part?  This palette is inexpensive (Priced less than Php600.00 for the whole palette)!  (Available at Glambox Beauty Studio Unit 2C Valuepoint Building, 227 Salcedo St. Legaspi Makati, you may call 09158342023) 

And no, you won't look like a Drag Queen...and I got proofs!

Before and After Cream Concealing and Highlighting
(P.S. Sorry I forgot to take a before shot that day so I had to search for my most recent, no contour/highlight photo)

Can you see the huge difference?

Some may like to start contouring while some may do otherwise.  There are no hard rules!  As for me, when it comes to powder, I prefer to contour first but I can't seem to understand why I like to do the other way around when it comes to cream concealers/foundations.


Pick a concealer/foundation at least 2-3 shades lighter than your skin.  Using the 3rd concealer from the first row from the Pro 15 Color Corrector Palette, I dab a bit of this corrector using my flat foundation brush.

I like to highlight areas around the center of my face.  My forehead, under eye "traingle"...

The bridge of my nose and chin.

Using the chocolate colored corrector (and you  originally thought this will be your least used corrector shade huh?)  I dab a bit of this and pray I don't smell like chocolate!  No, seriously...

With a dabbing motion, I apply this shade outlining my hairline. 

Turing the side of the foundation brush (or the thin portion), apply dark corrector/concealer/foundation starting from the hairline (thickly) going straight down (thinly).  Normally, using powder, the "sucking in of the cheeks" is effective.  For cream, I prefer to apply almost directly on the cheekbones.  Why?  The explanation is, when it comes to cream, when you blend the dark color, it will tend to go further down the hollows of you cheeks. 

Now this step is optional, only for makeup wearers with round or squarish face shape.  I like to sweet just some of the dark corrector along the jawline.

And of course!  The ever favorite --- noseline!  Keep in mind that nose contouring is NOT universal, you have to contour base on the look of your nose.  In my case, my nose is flat, almost bridge-less!  What I do is I literally had to create a nose bridge!  Starting from the brows, I draw 2 lines down the sides of my nose as shown on photo below.  Make sure your line is not crooked as the effect will be uneven nose!

Now, this is the fun part!  Some may use foundation (similar shade as your skin) to blend in everything!  In my case, I did promised you a natural-looking contoured and highlighted face right?  So pick a damp sponge, or in this tutorial, I used Nippon Pro Blend Sponge (review HERE) and start blending away!

Use the bottom of the sponge to blend all the contour sides of your face while I used the tip of the sponge to blend the highlighted areas.

Keep in mind to do everything with a "dabbing" motion! 

Check out my scary face!  Seriously guys, I love you all to show these scary photos! :P
On the right photo (facing you), half of my face is well blended!  Can you see the major difference?

Everything takes practice!  I practiced a lot using cream products to contour and highlight so I can do this in less than 5 minutes!  YES, practice makes perfect!  Do not be scared as makeup isn't permanent!

Now fix your hair and you're ready to take a photo!  My face looks a tad bit slimmer right?

You may proceed with the rest of your makeup.  In my case, for this particular tutorial, I set everything with a translucent powder!  

I hope this tutorial is interesting and helpful for you!  This isn't a daily thing/routine for me but on days I need some serious contouring and highlighting, I opt for cream based products!

Have you tried contouring and highlighting using cream based makeup?
What are your thoughts?

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  1. Haven't tried contouring using a cream based because I'm afraid of caking. :<

    1. No worries Glenda, as long as you moisturize your skin well prior to makeup application, you'll be fine :D

  2. I believe that this concealer palette is one of those generic palettes from China which have been rebranded hence why they're dirt-cheap. I have a similar one (actually exactly the same as yours) which I bought from Zoeva via Luxola a few months back. Sadly I paid twice the price of yours. :( I also discovered that the local "brand" Dollface Cosmetics is also selling their own version of this same concealer palette. I primarily use my set to conceal blemishes. And, I've never tried contouring using creams so yeah, this tutorial is a big help. You gave me an idea on what to do with the time I'm spending alone at home. Thanks!

    1. I believe so too, but as long as they work and they don't cause allergic reactions, I'm ok :)

      I'm glad I gave you other idea on how to use this palette :) Let me know what else you use this type of palette for!


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