Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Wonder: Are You A Body Wash or Soap Gal?

I used to raise one eyebrow up (or shall I say, Tried to raise one eyebrow up) when my friends tell me they are Body Wash users, I mean...seriously... SOSYAL MO! 

But when I turned into a Blogger who does a lot of product reviews, I can't help but go to that route, that "evil" and sosyal na Body Wash route!  And guess what?  Once I did, well, I do look back to soaps still but wow!  My bathing experience is really amazing when I use body wash!  Let me tell you why....
  • My very dry skin loves the extra moisture most body washes give.
  • They really smell good and can seriously turn any mood to #GOOD !
  • Scent stays longer than most soaps.
  • Did I mention I feel really good?
 One beauty product that I easily "hit the pan", I would say, are body washes!  I finish one up in less than a month and I am actually looking forward to try other brands!

Recently, I got a package from my Sampleroom family to try out the new Olay Body Washes!  I've treid Olay soaps and they are surprisingly hydrating (considering they are soaps) so even if I have a couple of body washes inside my bathroom, I can't help but give one tube a try! (spell #ATAT)

I picked one variant that caught my attention right away!  The Olay Deep Moisture with Honey Moisture Outlast variant.

Olay says ---
"Olay Deep Moisture body wash gives deep moisture that outlasts your day.  Our breakthrough Moisture Outlast formula penetrates the skin’s surface layer by layer to infuse your skin with long-lasting moisture. Even in dry climate, you can get bouncy, smooth, tender, beautiful skin.  Your skin’s condition improves after just one use.  Use regularly for beautiful, healthy-looking skin that lasts."

True enough, even inside the shower, I felt like I'm rubbing "lotion" all over my body instead of body wash!  After rinsing off the product, my skin feels velvety smooth and buttery-soft (if there's such term)!  And I can actually get away without using body lotions and my skin feels smooth and flake-free!

Now don't get me started about the scent!  The Moisture Outlast variant has this sweet smelling scent!  The scent does not last long though so that's probably the only downside!

As for Mr. AMW, he likes "refreshing" body washes because he tends to perspire easily even on cooler weather!  I gave him Olay Refreshing Cucumber and Green Tea Fresh Outlast Body Wash a try and so far, he is quite happy with the "cooling sensation" and I am definitely NOT complaining about the refreshing scent!

I always hail Body Washes as pricey but come to think of it, a little of this product goes a long way so I think it isn't that bad for a good shower experience!

Price: Php105.00 for 200ml and Php199.00 for 400ml
Just like me, you may try 200ml samples at

For more information about the product/brand ---
Twitter: /OlayPhilippines
Instagram: @OlayPhilippines

I wonder:
"Are you into Body Wash or Soap?"

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I consider both as long as they cleanse + moisturize :D


  2. I just bought a big 23oz bottle of olay fresh out last white strawberry with mint body wash it smells so good

  3. I just bought a big 23oz bottle of olay fresh out last white strawberry with mint body wash it smells so good

  4. I prefer using soap kasi mas tipid gamitin at mura. I use body wash when i go out of town para easy dalin. ;)


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