Friday, February 27, 2015

AMW Reports: Benefit #RollerLashPH event

Remember my previous post when I reviewed a "boring-looking" mascara that turned out to be Benefit's Roller Lash?

Well, the day finally arrived when the mascara --- in all it's gorgeous design and Bene-outfit, will finally reveal itself to the world!  (Okay, exagg lang, to the Philippines lang naman!)

And because it is Benefit, I took an effort to look at least half decent!

Only in Benefit events can you find, unusual stuff that will make you go: "Aawww, cute!"
And I definitely blurted out that phrase gazillion times!

To This....

And also to the cute "hunk" who taught me how to play the golf via Benefit way!  *ahem* I love you Mr. AMW! :P

This Grand Roller Lash launch happened at Skye, Fort Bonifacio and I tell you, it was such a perfect day even for the rooftop!

As always, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines made sure you won't just sit and wait for the event to start, the area itself is a whole lotta event!  From trying out Roller Lash to Cotton Candies, Tarot Card reading, and a whole lot more!

And if I may'll definitely spot a hunk or...HUNKS! :P

Now that's a giant Roller Lash Wand!  Behind the Roller Lash story, they actually started making a total of 4 designs for this particular brush wand.  The 4th design won because they strategically placed every hook and reduced the number to grab lashes from root to tip.  Aside from grabbing every lashes, this wand can help deliver a super-curling and lifting performance for all eye shapes and lash types!  

I have tested this mascara so many times and I can vouch on its' curling powers!

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines' newest Brand Manager Ms. Donna Shaw welcomed everyone with a huge smile and a wonderful "Hook N' Roll" dance step!

97% said this mascara visibly lifts lashes, 87% said it gives long-lasting curl, 94% said eyes look more wide open and I say: "You have to try for yourself to see!"

With Donna Shaw

With Fellow Bloggers

Congratulations to the Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Team for the wonderful launch!

The Roller Lash Mascara will be out in stores March 5, 2015!

Do you feel this mascara is for you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. A friend of mine told me this was a good mascara! No need for curlers :)

  2. i fall in love with they're real mascara from benefit now im expecting more from this one! (they said it was a multi-tasking product!)

    1. I am leaning on to this mascara as compared to They're Real :D

  3. Looks fun! I wish I can get to go to a benefit event someday :{


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