Monday, March 23, 2015

Cover Girl Professional Brow & Eye Makers In Soft Brown Review

How does it feel like to leave the house with unfixed brows?  I feel helpless!
To all makeup enthusiasts out there, I'm sure you understand why fixing your brows is very important for that "complete" made-up face!

I have been a long time brow mascara and brow powder user!  When it comes to pencil, I have always been a fan of Korean brands because they are inexpensive and they deliver!  

Recently, I chanced upon a CoverGirl Brow & Eye Makers!  Seriously, I haven't been going out that much to know they have brow pencils!  Do you know they have pencils?

As always, I pick a lighter shade because I can easily adjust the shade of my brows by following up with brow powder.

Shade: Soft Brown

What I love about Cover Girl's version is that, you get 2 pencils (both for you or 1 you can share) and a sharpener!  Don't you dislike it when you realized you don't own a makeup pencil sharpener?

 Cover Girl Professional Brow & Eye Makers says ---

Create beautiful brows and get the eyeliner looks you want with these twin eyebrow pencils. Both have soft color and are incredibly versatile. Use them to naturally enhance and fill out brows, or sweep them along your lash line for a soft-liner look.

Shades: Midnight Black, Midnight Brown, Soft Brown and Honey Brown.

AMW says ---
  • Comes in 2 pencils.  1 for the brows or maybe 1 for the eyes!  For the lighter shades, I bet both are for the brows.
  • Comes with a pencil sharpener which is good enough to sharpen your eye and brow pencils.
  • Doesn't run.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Easy to work with.
  •  Looks very natural when applied as pigmentation is light to medium.
  • Easy to sharpen the pencil without breaking.
  • Soft brown's effect is really natural.

  • Based from the pencil's texture, these are not meant to be used as eyeliners!  
  • Used as eyeliner, they hurt the eye as the pencil texture is a bit hard.
You'll love these when used as eyebrow pencils, you'll dislike them if used as eyeliner pencils!  As to be used on brows, these are decent, affordable and works!


  • Start filling the center of your brows working your way slowly to the tip.
  • When you get to the starting point of your brows, apply using vertical strokes (same direction as your hair growth for a very natural effect).
  • If you have extremely dark brows like I do and you are using a light colored brow pencil, do not forget to "color" your brows with brow mascaras.
  • To keep the brows looking natural, brush off excess pencil wax with a spoolie.
  • If the brow pencil feels hard and difficult to use, warm it up a bit by rubbing the tip of the pencil at the back of your hand to keep the pencil soft and smooth.
  • Soft Brown is perfect for natural brows.  Never use black on brows.
Will I repurchase?
No.  These 2 are enough and I'll go back to my original love, the brow powders and brow mascaras.  Got these for the sake of review.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Start-up brow pencil wearers!  This is a great brow pencil for practice as the effect will be natural at the same time, the price is really good!

Where to purchase and how much?
Available locally in all Cover Girl counters priced at Php325.00 (approx $7.40).



Closer look on Soft Brown
Soft brown is almost "Honey brown" without the "orange" tone.  This is the lightest shade I believe and would work on creating very natural looking brows.


Closer Look on Swatch
It is matte and it doesn't give you a reddish or orange tint!  
You get a perfect light-medium brown shade.

My brows are extremely black so keep in mind I have to follow up with a brow mascara to make my brow color more even!  The Cover Girl Brow & Eye Makers in Soft Brown gives a very natural vibe! 

What's your current brow pencil?
I have been a long time user of Etude House, Tony Moly and Innisfree!  This is my first non-Asian brow pencil!  If you ask me, I'll still choose my favorite Korean Brow Pencils over this! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. before, i cannot go out without lipbalm and powder.. now i cannot go out without having my brows properly groomed!

    my HG brow enhancer is the one i got from kpalette! and since it was bit expensive, i searched for a cheaper alternative and i found one.. im using my Nichido brow definer in Chestnut!

    1. hahah high five! :D I have heard so many positive reviews on the Nichido one!

    2. indeed ms nikki! it was cheap for 138php!

  2. I like Wet n Wild color icon pencils and Etude House retractable :D


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