Friday, March 13, 2015

Reader's Corner: Where to Buy Colored HairSpray

My "kumare" and grade school friend called me up one day and asked: "Mars!  Where can I buy hair color products for my daughter?"

Suddenly, AskMeWhats turned quiet...I actually do not know the answer!  I mean I knew quite a lot but I'm unsure if they are safe for the kiddo!  

Just when I was just about the research for my friend, a good friend Therese, who works at an agency asked me if I wanted to try Color HairSpray from Wish.  As crazy as the idea was for a 36 years old mom...I said yes!  And it's not because someone asked about these, it is because I am totally intrigued by them too!

Wish Washable Color Hair Spray
Shades: Brown, Blue, Silver (LE), Violet, Pink and Red
Price Php219.00 per piece 
Available at Watsons

And since I don't want to go out with colored hair not knowing what to expect (does it smell bad?  Will it ruin my hair?  Will the color run if I perspire?) I tested all these colors out (except brown) several hours before I took a shower! (Yes, inaamin ko) :P

And showed this photo on AskMeWhats Instagram.

If you can't seem to see the color here's a better view with shade names!  I skipped brown because my hair is brown to start with.

Now on to my quick review ---
  • All the shades are pigmented enough!  You get the right color on first spray.
  • The spray could "harden" your hair a bit!  Not too much but the texture is like that of a soft-hold hairspray.
  • The color stays the whole day, until hairwash!
  • The color doesn't transfer once set.
  • It takes a bit of practice to get the "hang" of it!  
Overall, I like these, I will definitely recommend them to my cosplayer friends (yes, I do have some!)  But, on a regular basis, I'll give this a skip! :)

How will you use colored hairspray?
Which color would you try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This could be a great use for parties ^_^

  2. is there a neon green ?

    1. So far, none when I blogged this, these are all the shades, I'm not sure now if they added more colors :D

  3. Where can I buy this?

    1. Wish Washable Color Hair Spray
      Shades: Brown, Blue, Silver (LE), Violet, Pink and Red
      Price Php219.00 per piece


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