Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tony Moly Mini Cherry Tomato Lip Balm Review

Come on seriously, can we just stop what we're doing and together say: " cute!!!" ?

Upon seeing the Tony Moly Mini Cherry Tomato Lip Balm, I went really excited and showed it to my son right away!  Which, by the way, is in the "fruits naming" stage so he went "Apple"!  I didn't correct him though because at first glance, it does look like a mini apple!  (So overall, fault ko din talaga! Palpak mommy! hahaha)

But yes, even without testing the product quality, the packaging won me BIG TIME!  I can hail this the cutest, most unique Lip Balm Packaging ever and I am challenging Mr. AMW to bring this with him to work (yes, he's a lip balm user) because I want his male colleagues to go: "Awww, ang cute!!" too!  #hahaha

After more than a week and I'm finally OVER with the cuteness stage (well, not really, still staring at it in front of my computer table!), trying to be unbiased and set aside all the cuteness overload, I am finally ready to share my thoughts on what's inside!


(Okay now, you may stop scratching your head on why I mistook this for an apple!)

Tony Moly Mini Cherry Tomato Lip Balm  says ---

Tony Moly® Mini Cherry Tomato Lip Balm comes in a cute shaped container. Contains berry complex that preserve moisture in lips. Cushions the lips. With natural color and fruit scent provides essential, year-round protection from damaging UV rays.

AMW says ---
  • Packaging!
  • Very subtle and mild tomato scent that goes away after a minute.
  • The formulation is moisturizing and creamy.
  • Lips feel soft and smooth after application.
  • Never feels heavy on lips.
  • Comes with sun protection - SPF15
  • A great conversation piece!  Whenever I bring this out, my friends would go: "so cute!"
  • Softens even my extremely dry lips.
  •  As always, for lip balm housed in pots, hygiene issues on dipping and re-dipping your fingers!
  • If you are expecting reddish tint, well, it is extremely subtle especially if you have pigmented lips!
Hydrating, creamy textured lip balm housed in a cute packaging.  The only downside I can see for now is the fact that I have to dip my fingers for every use and with my long nails, it gets more difficult to grab product when I'm reaching below the pot.


  • If you are nearing the bottom of the pot, use a lip brush.
  • Apply with dabbing motion to prevent lips from feathering.
  • I like to apply and reapply midday.  
  • Works for all types of lips!  
  • Can be applied before and after lipstick.
  • To prevent lipstick from sliding off, blot off excess "moisture" on a clean tissue paper before you proceed with lipstick application.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Lip balm wearers who don't mind the pot packaging.

Where to purchase and how much?
Available at all Tony Moly stores nationwide priced at Php378.00 (approx $8.60).

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You can check out ingredients list by peeling the sticker below but it's all in Korean.

The cute packaging and the plastic "protector".  I like to keep this white protector just to make sure!
Tony Moly Mini Cherry Tomato Lip Balm Review

I tend to apply more on the center of my lips for that extra moisture.
How to use Tony Moly Mini Cherry Tomato Lip Balm

Bare lips applied with a layer of Tony Moly Mini Cherry Tomato Lip Balm.

A closer look.
My lips are extremely dry (you must know by now) so this is actually quite nice to see my lips look a bit shiny and hydrated.

Will you purchase this just for the sake of the cute packaging?
Or are you after with the quality of the balm?

I am just lucky the quality of the balm is good because even if it isn't, I will still purchase this for show! :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. yes love the packaging so much! Tonymoly always do great job with their packaging, as well as the products too! :)

    1. I agree, also Etude, and other Korean brands!

  2. cuteness overload ms nikki! lahat halos ng item sa TM e very cute at kawaii ng packaging =)

    1. super! hay pinaglalaruan na ni Kyle to!

    2. akala siguro nya maliit na apple este kamatis hihi

  3. Super cute talaga ng mga packaging ng tony moly even yung mga hand creams nila at ung peel :3 I would want this pero I don't like dipping my fingers to products. Lalo na if I'm on the go.

    1. I agree, as much as I love the hand creams same with you, I dislike dipping my fingers pero what can we do? Ang cute talaga


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