Friday, May 8, 2015

How to Achieve Winged Liner Perfection with Maybelline HyperSharp Wing and Liner

When I first received the #EyeLoveMNY package, I got super happy with the press packaging and the Maybelline Eye & Lip Make Up Remover (one of th first eye make up remover I tried and blogged about)

Then, I looked into the 2 HyperSharp liners and I scratched my head.

Maybelline HyperSharp Wing and Liner review

Are they coming up with a purple shade liner?  Is it the same liner housed in a different (probably limited edition packaging)?  

Seriously girl!  I should just read the press release but I didn't!  I was staring at these 2 liners for a good 5 minutes! 

Keep in mind: HyperSharp Liner (Gold cap), HyperSharp Wing (Metallic Pink cap)

Then my IQ kinda reappeared again after sipping a cup of coffee.  Why not put them side to side right?

Here you go!  Answer's clear, post over!  .....................................JUST JOKING!

Feel free to read my in-depth review on the HyperSharp Liner HERE.
 To be honest, I don't see why Maybelline has to create a different liner specifically for the "wing in the liner".  I think the Maybelline HyperSharp Liner works just as good to create winged liner look!  But of course, who am I to say this?  I have been a liquid liner user for almost a decade so I can literally apply liner even inside a moving car!  (no joke!  That's all thanks to my busy schedule and practice!) To those who are, maybe, just starting out on liquid liner, maybe, this is the answer to your winged liner wishes!

HyperSharp Liner (left) - 0.05mm tip.  This brush is so precise you can literally draw elaborate details like flowers, curls and swirls.
HyperSharp Wing (right) - no size given but this liner is said to help create the thinnest 0.01 mm to thickest 2mm lines with just a flick of your wrist.

I applied a thin line using light hand at the back of my hand.  As you can see both gives extreme precise application and the liner is matte black.  Both are said to have longwear formulation that can resist water, sweat, sebum and tears.  

As for application AMW style, here's the simplest daytime winged liner look I created in 2 minutes less!

1. Using the HyperSharp Liner (or also called Laser), I apply a thin liner close to the roots of my lashes using short strokes.
2. Changing to HyperSharp Wing, I create an outline of the flick I want then gently fill in the rest of the "winged liner".
3. Voila!  Daytime Winged Liner in an instant!

Personally speaking, you don't need 2 liquid liners to create this look.  Pick maybe just one from the bunch!  To keep the choice easier --- if you prefer shorter brush, go for the HyperSharp Liner, if you are the type who prefers to do winged liner look on a daily basis, choose HyperSharp Wing because it is indeed easier to create a "flick" as compared to the former!  And if I may have to add, it may not be too visible to the naked eye but HyperSharp Wing is actually a flat tip brush, feel free to use the side of the brush to create extremely thin line no other liquid liner I've tried can do!  

In this photo, I only used HyperSharp Wing.  A very very thin eyeliner on the roots of my lashes and a bit of a thicker outer wing because I am "monolided" for the winged liner to show up when I open my eyes!

And of course, both liners can be easily removed by Maybelline Eye & Lip make Up Remover!

HyperSharp Laser is priced at Php379.00 and HyperSharp Wing is Php399.00.  Products are available locally in ALL Maybelline counters.  For more information, please visit

Which among the 2 liner will you pick if you can only purchase 1?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I actually bought the Hypersharp, I'm having a really difficult time in filing the line out. 😔 Sana nag hypersharp na lang ako huhuhu. Ngayon ko lang nakita ang makeup remover ng maybelline its a carbon copy sa everbilena :0

    1. Actually if you had a hard time, both will be difficult for you to use! practice lang! With re: to Maybelline, I think nauna si Maybelline, hahaha I used to stalk Ever Bilena too and wala pa silang ganon before :D

  2. Really hard a hard time trying that winged eyeliner. Lagi nanginginig kamay ko kasi:( I wish someday I can do that.

    1. Try the "outline" technique first and fill it in!

  3. will surely get them ms nikki!


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