Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AMW Reviews: Etude House Sunprise Natural Corrector SPF50+/PA+++

Just when you thought you can say bye-bye to your sunblock application because you think summer is almost over!  Well, that's what you think!!!  

I am so thankful that our generation today is more in-the-know with the importance of sunblock because during my time, I only have a choice between COPPERTONE and...OH!  Coppertone!  I clearly remember how high SPF25 sounds and how we purchase this expensive brand ONLY for beach trips!  

Lucky YOU girls and boys because more and more brand are coming up with Sunscreens that would suit your needs!  Just like Etude House, they came up with Sunprise range with 4 different variants so you really don't have any good reason to skip application!

Now on to the review, I have the Natural Corrector variant which is perfect for make-up wearers!

Etude House Sunprise Natural Corrector  says ---

Meet your Perfect summer companion, Etude House’s Sunprise sunscreens! These sunscreens are the total package with Anti-Aging Sun Care, while protecting you from harmful UVrays.


  • Sunprise Must Daily SPF50+/PA+++ : A smart sunscreen that does it all.  It protects your skin from UV rays while taking care of it with a moist and non-sticky gel.  Texture that feels fresh on skin without the white cast.  Perfect for everyday use.
  • Sunprise All Proof SPF50+/PA+++ : A powerful performance sunscreen with multi-protection of Anti-UV + Anti-Melanin + Sand proof + Whitening & Wrinkle Care Plus.  This Sunscreen won't stain your clothes.
  • Sunprise Super Aqua SPF35/PA++: A surprisingly fresh and effective daily sunblock that also provides enough hydration for skin leaving it soft and fresh.
  • Sunprise Natural Corector SPF50+/PA+++ : A makeup base sunblock in one for a smooth base ready for makeup application while still having effective sun protection. This sunscreen has whitening and wrinkle care properties of Niacin Amide and Adenosine to brighten up your skin tone and improve skin elasticity.

AMW says ---
    • Packaging.  Simple yet amaze-balls!
    • Helps keep skin looking bright and healthy.
    • Dry skin and oily-skin friendly!
    • Helps seal in moisture where hydration is needed and and this product actually helps lessen the oily-feel on areas around my t-zone. (this is for users with oily but NOT extremely oily skin)
    • Blends and absorbs quickly.
    • Non-greasy and non-sticky.
    • Has whitening and wrinkle-care properties.
    • If you applied heavy amount, hello white cast!
    • Makeup may still slide off if used as base if users have extremely oily skin.

    A sunscreen that works well under makeup!  It has a pinkish tone making skin looks brighter and youthful.  Applying too much may lead to white cast so it is best to follow up with your favorite foundation (powder or liquid).


    • A little goes a long way.  Best to take a photo of yourself with flash when you use it for the first time.  I have the right amount of application that would lead to "no white cast" even with flash photography.  That is, 1 squeeze for the whole face.
    • If you have medium to darker skin tone and still like to use this as base, please adjust with a darker foundation.
    • If you have good skin, you can actually get away wearing only this on a daily basis!  
    • This product is to be applied after your skincare routine before makeup.
    • Best to wait for at least a minute for the sunscreen to "set" before you proceed with makeup application.
    • I prefer to use my clean fingers in application to help blend the product well.
    Will I repurchase?
    Yes.  I want to go for The Sunprise Must Daily which promises NO white cast.

    To whom do I recommend this to?
    Users who likes the extra anti-ageing, whitening properties of a sunscreen that also gives a temporary glow. 

    Where to purchase and how much?
    At Etude House stores for Php498.00 (approx $11.30).

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    Tube packaging.
    Simple yet travel-friendly.

    This amount would go well for half of my face.  

     The texture is a bit thick when you first rub it but after gentle massage, the product blends into the skin quite well.

    I like to apply first at the center of my face more on the cheek area where the sun hits the most!

    Before and after
    As you all know, this is a Sunscreen that works as a makeup base so please do not expect coverage.  You can still see redness around my cheeks and sides of the nose but it does give a more "healthy-skin" effect.  My skin looks brighter because of the "pinkish" tint from the sunscreen.

    Half Face Test
    For a clearer view on how Etude House Sunprise Natural Corrector helps keep my skin appears brighter and healthier!  (Left side facing you with Sunprise Natural Corrector, Right Side facing you is my no makeup face!)

    How do you like the effect of Sunprise Natural Corrector on me?
    Which particular variant will you try?

    Keep smilin'
    Stay happy!


    1. it looks brighter and healthier nga ms nikki, im thinking of getting this or belo =)

    2. I have the Must daily one and it's not that good. When I used the tester, it absorbed quickly and my skin felt nice and soft but when I tried it at home where I apply my makeup in a room without aircon, it felt greasy and all, even if it said its gel type. I guess the greasiness is from the moisture it gives.

      1. really? thanks for your feedback, I am looking forward for that pa naman!

    3. I usually go overboard when applying sunscreen so maybe I would go for the The Sunprise Must Daily or I'll just stick with my current one which is from Biore

      1. hahaha I guess it's ok to go overboard as long as it doesn't feel heavy, greasy or create white cast :D

    4. For Natural Corrector SPF 50, do we need a make up removal to remove it?


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