Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lily & Tucker Backpack Review

I wish I had cool backpacks like this when I was a kid!  Well, wish granted!  I kinda "stole" Kyle's backpack because he is not used to carrying bigger backpacks YET, so the mommy gets to enjoy the Lily & Tucker backpack which I got a few months ago for him!  I'm sure in a year's time, Kyle can carry this by himself and mommy had to go back to her "adult bags" *sniff*


"Lily and Tucker is a line of functional, trendy school bags specifically designed for the younger set. It's mix of bright colors and vivid patterns are sure to distinguish your kid from the crowd while providing the functionality needed in your child’s day to day activities." --- from Lily and Tucker FB page.

They currently have a few designs to choose from and I picked the design "Tyler" because I have always been fond of anything RED!  I find RED a bright and lucky color and it will indeed help me distinguish my kid immediately from the crowd when he starts school!

Since Kyle recently turned 2.2 years old and he is just getting used to carrying his own backpack (read post HERE) , I started out with a lightweight, smaller bag then he will graduate to THIS next!  Since school just started, I wanted to share my "first hand" review on this Lily & Tucker backpack.

They have several sizes to choose from and I went for Medium Backpack. 

And these are some of the designs you can choose from so it felt "almost" personalized! 

The shipment was quite fast and I am so happy how it was packed inside a huge box to protect the backpack from crazy handlers!  Aesthetically, it looks very sturdy and pretty but this mom had to test this out!

For several weekends, I went out with the family and instead of bringing my own bag, I left it and used the Lily & Tucker Tyler Backpack instead.  I filled the bag with Kyle's educational materials (very important during dinner), the drawing board, drawing book, my long wallet, Play Doh, his favorite Pocoyo Character Loula the Dog.

I appreciate the not-so-secret secret pocket wherein it house my husband's mobile phoneSSS (3s for 3 phones)


And I like to keep my mobile phones at the front pocket because I get text messages and calls a lot of times in a day so I want it to be easy-to-reach.  I usually have Mr. AMW following me behind so he's my security when it comes to keeping my things intact!  I also like the "pen" holder which I house Kyle's washable marker for some serious doodling!

Thank you Lord for the invention of side pockets!  I put Kyle's water bottle and the other side, the adult water bottle!

The strap is sturdy and can handle heavy load!  I choose not to carry so much because my son weighs quite a lot so I don't want to strain my *ahem* old back. 

But I'm very happy to report the straps are very comfortable I can't wait for Kyle to use this bag as soon as he can!

But for now, let Mommy enjoy her 2nd childhood! :D  
  And let me enjoy this "carrying your son" stage as I'm sure the time will come he'll let go of my hand!  *sniiiifffff*

Lily & Tucker Medium backpack is priced at Php1,099.75.  Available at ---

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I am so happy with Kyle's Lily & Tucker backpack and I won't think twice repurchasing when the Tyler backpack gets old because I've been using this a lot!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hi! almost a year has past since you posted this review. I would just like to know how long the bag lasted? i saw these bags in SM the other and i was wondering if it will be able to endure toddler 'handling' :)

    1. thanks for asking sis, there are some key areas that tore already like the ones inside, but the rest of the bag is still intact! I'm not sure how many things you plan to put inside but like any bags, not too heavy!


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