Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mommy and Son Bonding

Whenever we visit the mall, my son is on the stage where he doesn't want me to let go of him!  He's scared of shiny floors!  (any moms who can relate to this?)

So to solve this issue, we take him out for a walk, he prefers granite floors #lol!  Or any non-shiny, non-slippery-looking floors!  And here he was super happy with his "I'm finally free!" walk with momma!

If there's one particular place that makes him the happiest boy alive, it is NOT the toy store but a bookstore!  Our favorite hang out place?  National Book Store or BookSale!  He got my genes!  (Ahem, sorry hubby!)

Look at him so adorable enjoying books as mommy always ended up sitting on the floor!  For the love of my son, I'll even sit on top of a pile of "poo" (wag naman sana mangyari!)  And where did that come from??? hahaha

At times, I wished to buy all the books that he touches but this momma's practical!  I only buy the ONE book he seems to like the most!  And yes, I can tell his favorites!

With his cute backpack, I felt like we're shopping for him to go to school!  *sniff*  Why the sudden heartache?  (Clingy mom alert!)  He's growing up too fast!

Because we need some family bonding with my parents, we ended up staying at Starbucks where the floors are carpeted!  YAY for more play time!  And yes, that's Jelly Bean you see at the sofa, I brought a pack with me for him to play!  5 pcs max each time!  He is very happy with simple things like that!  I wished he'll stay that way forever!

And no, he never puts them inside his mouth!  And he is supervised by 2 pairs of eagle eyes.
Top: SM Kids Tee, Pants: Gingersnaps, Shoes: Eazyfashion

And now that we're talking about "bonding time" and how my son is super active jumping and running around.  I would like to share how important it is to look for a comfortable pair of shoes!  And Eureka moment for me?  I've found him a nice slip on shoes that is super comfortable,  inexpensive and super cute to look at!

I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from Eazyfashion and upon receiving them, his face lit up when I pulled it out from the plastic bag!  I bought 2 pairs, one Spiderman and the other is Batman!  I'll show you guys the OOTD for Batman in my future post!  Whenever I bring out any one of the shoes, his face lits up, he lifts his legs and motion me to help him wear his favorite pair!

EazyFashon Super Hero Kid Shoes (Php399.00) Available HERE

And to have better bonding time, I make sure to keep my hands free!  Since the hubby has so much on his hands, I've decided to bring his water and towel and slip it in my pocket or just hold them.  But as you all know, a toddler is a todder, I need all 2 hands and 2 feet to chase him!  Thankfully, found a cute backpack for Kyle so he can carry his own stuff!  This is also a good practice for him to start using a backpack!

Got this bag the same time I got him those shoes!  The size is perfect for a 2-year old toddler!  And if I may have to add, it's a head-turner bag!  Strangers are smiling everytime they see him carry this bag!
Kid Leather Animal Zoo Backpack (Php330.00) available HERE
Bonding with my son is the greatest gift God has given me, after giving me a wonderful husband!  I treasure each moment because I know one day, I won't be able to carry him anymore!

Thanks Mr. AMW for the shots and for being so supportive of us!
How do you bond with your son/daughter?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Yup! NBS and Booksale shops are the place to be :)

  2. Aww.. cutie #kylenash.. how i wish my kids wud love books too. actually, they like books.. they like to tear every page of it. Huhu... the "terrible 2 " is not for kyle Ms. Nikki, no? He seems very behave. :) baby fashionista. Hehe. Gawin ng model yan!!!

    1. natawa ako sa Like Books, Like to tear every page! hahaha Naku, meron ding terrible stage si Kyle, I am being super strict lang talaga! May moment siya before na nagwawala siya if he can't get what he wants! Ayun pinababayaan ko ..and I guess nagwowork naman :D


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