Monday, June 1, 2015

Top 3 Dual Purpose Blush to Try for Fair, Medium and Dark Skin!

Hi guys! I am still under the weather, cough and colds but I won't let the day pass without sharing to you my top 3 picks!  The 3 blush that works as a blush and contour powder and I featured these 3 because these would work on Fair, Medium and Dark skin tone!

And best of all?  They're drugstore brands!  Well, only 2 brands to be exact because I am playing favorites with one brand, particularly this line --- the CoverGirl InstantCheekbones line!  They should be known to the world! 

L-R CoverGirl InstantCheekbones Sophisticated Sable, Revlon Highlighting Palette in Bronze Glow and
CoverGirl InstantCheekbones Purely Plum
 Let's start with subtle and romantic blush-tour-lighting (okay, this will be my term for now!  To Blush, Contour and Highlight!).  This shade is perfect for fair to medium skin.

CoverGirl InstantCheekbones Contouring Blush  
Shade: Purely Plum

When you read the website for directions on how to use, you can either be directed to apply one color at a time, for me, I prefer to just swirl all three colors together and you get this subtle, oh-so-gorgeous healthy highlight!  If you want the extra girly punch, apply more on the apples of your cheeks blending outward close to your hairline to give your non-existent cheekbones an instant HELLO!

CoverGirl InstantCheekbones Contouring Blush 
Shade: Sophisticate Sable

I call this the perfect medium skin shade!  Why?  Well, most medium skin tones are already warm to start with (just like me on a very hot day).  So a subtle blush, highlight and contour is the key to a very natural look.  Don't underestimate the shade Sophisticate Sable though, giving in to more layers, this shade will give more dimension! 

As for me, I prefer to use this sparingly.  Again, swirling all shades together because I don't like to worry much about the "mechanics", instead, I just want to feel carefree with my blush application thus the effect is the same --- CAREFREE!

Revlon Highlighting Palette 
Shade: Bronze Glow

Never underestimate this blush or shall I say, Never judge a blush shade based on the look on packaging!  Just like YOU, I was expecting for a very badly pigmented blush that could only give my fair skin a poor glow!  Boy was I wrong!  LOOK!

This blush, when applied with medium to heavy hand will be a perfect blush for medium to dark skin tone BUT, fair skinned gals can also use this with EXTRA light hands!  The effect will be Bronze Goddess (not that I'm saying I am one --- but if you agree, thank you! :P)  But yeah, look at my cheekbones baby!

So far, these are my top 3 favorite blush-tour-lighting products!  I'd like to hear your thoughts on my top 3 and share to me other brands and shades you've tried that works as a "Blush-Tour-Lighter" too! 

I have to copyright that term!  I swear!
Have a wonderful start of June!
And don't forget to keep that smile coming and drink lots of water to keep those sniffles away!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love the revlon palette ms nikki, i think i can even use it as e/s too =)

  2. I also love the Revlon highlighting palette as it is an all around product though I mostly use it for highlighting and as an eyeshadow. :)

    Hi Miss Nikki! I'm an instant fan since the Benefit Beauty and Brow Bash! ;)

    1. Aww nice to meet you Isable! thanks for coming last Saturday :)

  3. Revlon Palette!!! Too bad...didn't buy any when it's on sale.. (T....T) sana may sale pa po ulit..hahaha...

    1. Malay mo, they will have more sales coming up for sure!

  4. Love the Purely Plum on you!


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