Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekend Food Trip at: Jipan, Glorietta

Wow, for the past 2 years, I can't seem to get a decent "couple-fie" photo with the mister!  When we both had a bit of time to kill with my super momma looking after my son at home, I've decided --- yes!  I HAVE DECIDED to take him out for a date!  A simple food trip because we missed dining in a restaurant without the rush!  Or without me having to feed myself and my son at the same time!

As we were searching for a good restaurant, we passed by our favorite BF-GF hang-out restuarant at Glorietta, JIPAN restaurant!  We used to just sit anywhere and order anything between Sakura and Jipan AND Cheesecake but now, they seem to have this segregation!  So we picked Jipan because I remembered loving their food --- a lot! 

And years passed, as we try to still look like girlfriends and boyfriends.... *laughs*

The food at Jipan still tastes amazing! 

Choice of Pork or Vegetables
Mr. AMW has always been a fan of Gyoza so he went ahead and ordered this!  I tried one and I told him 1 is enough for me!  The oily taste left a taste in my mouth, it wasn't that bad, but I'm just not a fan of extremely oily food!

Chicken Katsudon
Breaded chicken, green onion and egg in donburi sauce.

This dish screams I AM SO DELICIOUS YOU WANT MORE OF ME!  So true, I almost let go of my ramen craving and dove into Mr. AMW's order!  I will definitely order this again!  MUST TRY! 

Chuukara RamenPhp279.00
Special spicy broth, spicy ground pork, 
slices of pork tenderloin, green onion, buttered corn and soft-boiled egg

Funny how I missed the word "Spicy" and got a bit of surprise when I tasted how spicy this noodle soup was!  Fret not though, I'm a fan of spicy food but not a fan of malls who doesn't have good air-conditioning system!  It was rather HOT that day!

Thankfully, the restaurant took the liberty to separate the ramen into 2 bowls because they knew we are splitting this dish!

The noodles tastes great, the soup is spicily wonderful but the egg was just "meh".  I was expecting the gorgeous tasting egg from most Japanese Ramen house but all I tasted was regular soft-boiled egg that I can make one myself at home! :D  Not complaining though, an egg is still an egg!

Nothing beats a good taste of Japanese House Tea after a full meal!

Have you dined at Jipan?
Do you like their dishes?  How about the breads and pastries?

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