Saturday, June 13, 2015

AMW Bulletin: Too Cool For School Opens at Glorietta

Check out that happy face!  That's a face after picking up some make up! 

Top: Eazyfashion, Pants: Ever New, Sandals: Zalora
Watch: Veloci Bag: Coach
Seldom will you find me strolling around the mall without that "in a hurry" look, I'm always in a hurry running errands and obviously, I don't have time to shop for myself!  Well, I do, I just choose to spend my time wisely thinking about my family than myself!

As I was hurrying for back-to-back meetings, I passed by Glorietta 3 (where I was parked) and chanced upon the newly opened Too Cool For School store!  I tell you, when you're around the area, you won't miss it!  And it felt like a suction tube pulling me INTO their store!

Yes, I was weak that day, I cave in!
I usually go for their SM MOA branch (click HERE if you want to see how the store looks), and this branch didn't fail!  I actually liked it the most! 

Check out the limited promo!

What I like abou this "store" is how they used up all the space!  You see display of TCFS skincare and makeup products inside and outside the "stall"!

TCFS Glorietta carries the newest beauty products, quality skin care items, and cool beauty tools and accessories.

This includes the ever creative Too Cool Lines; Anke, Mc Girly, Dinoplatz, Check, ZA, Rules, and Art Class.

That's me, taking advantage of my free 10 minutes to check out what's new in store!  I spotted some interesting face bases, lip products and skincare!

What is your favorite TCFS product?
Have you seen their newest branch at Glorietta?
Do you have a particular TCFS product you want me to review?
Did I asked so many questions?  

hahahah Have a great Weekend!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Lol. So many questions, but the answers are so few. Haha.Side A it is. I havent heard of TCFS, until you post this. Hehe. Looks interesting. ;) you seem beyond happy in the first photo Ms. Nikki. :)

    1. hahahah talaga? you haven't heard of TCFS? well now it's time! hehehe

  2. Haven't really tried this product before but I've been wanting to try the "marshmallow puff." haha.. it's so cute and I wonder how fluffy it can be! Love marshmallows.. (^....^)

  3. ang cute ng packaging nila ms nikki =) korean brand din po ba ang TCFS?


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