Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Why You Should Meet YADAH!

When I got an invite for YADAH! launch last week, I went to do some research right away and fell in LOVE with their character that reminds me so much of --- ME!

Setting that cute girl with all her funny expressions aside, what is YADAH and why is it a hit not only among Koreans but Korean Cosmetics and Skincare lovers out there?

I'll tell you more about it after you feast your eyes with the lovely YADAH set up at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.

YADAH Philippines photo

YADAH translates to the word "wisdom".  YADAH aims to help maintain clean and healthy skin and is actually known worldwide for manufacturing cosmetics from plants!  Yes, Korean skincare and cosmetics line that are organic!  I tell you --- Korean, Cosmetics, Skincare, Organic --- I seldom see those words in one sentence.

YADAH Philippines photo

The event was hosted by the smart and gorgeous Issa Litton.

As I checked further for product information, I am really surprised how big the variety of both makeup and skincare line!  When it comes to Organic, we usually do not have a lot of choices right?  Well, I'm glad to report I'm wrong this time!
So instead of thinking YADAH as a term you use to someone who keeps on Yakking and you wanna go: "YADAH! YADAH! YADAH!"  Yadah now definitely has a whole new meaning to me! 

Cute YADAH makeup pouches.

BB creams, Pencils, Lip Tint Balm and Mascaras

I swatched all 3 Auto Gel Liners and they seem promising!
Top to bottom: Real Black, Romantic Brown and Rich Gold

Auto Lip Crayons, Lip Glosses

I tried this one shade that caught my attention and it is highly pigmented!

A closer look on the Lip Tint Balms!
Just look at the cute packaging and the cute expressions of YADAH!  This made me want to buy more just to collect these cuties.

Now on to the Yadah skincare.  Yadah skincare contains a variety of plants, flowers and fruits such as camellia, rosemary, macadamia, nut, medlon, bluberry, apricot, jojoba, aloe vera, cranberry, tomato, kiwi, avocado, pomegranate, rosehip, mango and an endless list of other fruits!  Imagine, it is like looking at your kitchen for ingredients!  All natural, all healthy!

I learned that Native Opuntia Ficus Extract is the key ingredient found in all Yadah cultivated in Korea.  This ingredient is known for its strong anti-inflammatory and high potent antioxidant properties which help neutralize free radicals harmful to skin.

So after reporting these ingredients found on Yadah, don't you just want to grab products from computer screen and use these products immediately?

Yadah includes several lines that suits your skin's needs ---
  • Trouble Care Line
  • Moisturizing Line
  • Pore Care Line
  • Brightening Line
  • Men's Care Line
  • Cosmetics

 A live demo was done and I enjoyed seeing such a huge difference a little amount of product used.  

Korean skincare focuses on the use of skincare starting from Facial Cleanser to Serums, Emulsions, Lotions, moisturizers and sunscreen before going straight to BB cream application and makeup.

We also met Yadah Cosmetics representative straight from Korea.  

And just when we thought highlight was over, we were all given the chance to create our own cupcake design.
And this is my creation!  Check out the star, the heart and a K at the left hand side!  I am thinking about my son too much during an event :D

With Martha and our creations.

With Liz

With Tara

 Congratulations YADAH for the successful launch! I had a wonderful time getting to know your products and I can't wait to share my reviews on some of the products I get to take home!
YADAH Philippines photo

Yadah cosmetics and skincare are available at Beauty Bars nationwide.
What particular YADAH product caught your attention?
I am intrigued to share my review on their BB Cream, Auto Gel Liners and their skincare line!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Okay so... make-up AND cupcakes?? What a dream, haha. Everything looks really pretty.


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