Tuesday, August 11, 2015

AMW Reports: Clothes Buffet Season 2

I may not be called a "Fashionista" but I'm proud of 3 things ---
  1. My ability to "sniff" if a store has anything that I would want without getting inside the store --- call that talent!
  2. Just by mere looking at the clothes, I would know if they fit or not. --- Eagle Eyes!
  3. How good of a "packer" I am!  I used to work and live overseas so bringing in your whole room to another country in a large suitcase and a hand carry?  --- God's gift I tell you!
So when I heard about Clothes Buffet Manila last year, I told myself, I had to be there!  BUT, due to crazy schedule called Motherhood and a lot of conflict with jobs here and there - I missed it!  Thankfully, I was told there will be a Season 2!  And thankfully, I was on Season 2 because I heard they are BIGGER and BETTER!
The launch happened last Friday at Le Jardin.

What to expect from CBM Season 2?
1 Bag, 20 Minutes and more than 40,000 clothes! 

Last year, someone managed to stuff 21 pieces of clothing in a bag!  So this year, someone had to beat that!  And I'm sure it won't be an issue because the bag is bigger this year!

During the event, we were shown how some key pieces in just 1 small bag can create 7 looks!

The team were kind enough to create a "mini buffet" for Bloggers to understand how it felt like to be part of the "buffet".  It was just a few racks as compared to the main event this coming November but let me tell you, it was nerve-racking!
This year, they will focus on Coachella-Ready Fashion, Gossip-Girl inspired fashion and our favorite LBDs!

Coachella Ready Racks


Gossip Girl Inspired Outfit Racks 
 And the rack that is appropriate for my age group :P  The Little Black Dress
 And oh, did I tell you I came in wearing my own version of LBD? 
I lied!  This was a 2pcs outfit!
Top: Cache Cache, Skirt: Strativarius

 Just some of the key pieces that caught my attention.

A dressy LBD for night out.

Frilly skirt for weekend shopping with girl friends.

A cute top that tells everyone you'll feel awesome if you look into life that way!

A top that would work for both day and night!

And another cute Little Red Dress!  Or a top if you're a tall girl!

So we all get to try how it feels like to be in a room full of clothes, pick your favorite pieces with fellow clothes-addict, give yourself 20 minutes to pick everything you like and pack them inside this bag!  

At this stage, I would like to remind everyone to be nice to fellow shoppers!  No pushing, hair-pulling or worst, elbowing! :P

Thanks to the sponsors who were around during the launch.

 Just so you know, for a first-timer, I was able to pack in 9 pieces of clothing!  4 dresses, 4 tops and 1 skirt.  So I won myself a power bank for being 3rd placer!  Not bad for a first timer right?

With Say 

Met the gorgeous Vloggers!  Joyce, Say and Bea!
Thanks girls for adopting me that day!

Happy Shopper! 
Guess what?  Everything fit! 

Clothes Buffet Season 2 will happen this coming November 21st and 22nd. 

Clothes Buffet Manila – By Pretty Penny Productions
Venue: The Elements at Centris Barangay Piyahan, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Date: November 21-22 (Saturday-Sunday)
Time: Shopping waves starts at 10am
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/clothesbuffetmanila
Instagram: @clothesbuffetmanila
Twitter: @clothesbuffetph
Website/purchase tickets: http://www.clothesbuffetmanila.com

Do you think you have what it takes to be in a shopping event like this?
With a pounding heart and a competitive mind --- *laughs*  I know I can even make it better the 2nd time around! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That sounds exciting, I hope I could come. Thank you for sharing Ms. Nikki :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Tasha for the invite and for messaging me back that day :D

  3. This sounds very exciting, Miss Nikki! I'm curious how many items I can fit into that bag! :) Hands down to the person from Season 1 who managed to fit 21 pieces of clothing in there!


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