Friday, September 18, 2015

I'm Looking for A Very Subtle Blush and I Reach Out For These....

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Duos!
They are new and fresh from my radar so I had to really test them out and let you know my thoughts.

Mary Kay Color Cheek Duos in Ripe Watermelon and Juicy Guava photo

I love them!  They are perfect for daily use!  It doesn't hurt that the pan comes with a matte cheek color and a pearlized highlighting shade --- you all know by know how I"m obsessed with highlighting powders right?  

Though the collection only comes in 2 shades to choose from --- Ripe Watermelon and Juicy Guava, I think Mary Kay did a wonderful job in picking the right pink and right peach to go with any skin tone.  

 Shade: Ripe Watermelon
An intense medium pink blush with blue undertone on pan and a pale pink highlighter.
If used the cheek color alone, it can be highly pigmented but since most pink blush looks unnatural on me, I prefer to swirl both powder together using a blush brush and apply it on my cheeks!  The effect is a faint "blushing" cheek color that works well on fair to medium skin.  

If you have medium dark to dark skin tone, I recommend to apply the cheek color alone building intensity and apply a thin layer of the highlighter powder on top for a more natural finish.

But of course, a "highlighter" gal like me would go for the extra mile to apply another layer of that subtle highlighting shade on top of my cheekbones for an extra "oomph".

AMW Wore Ripe Watermelon

Shade: Juicy Guava

Juicy Guava on the other hand is a light coral/peach blush with a faint peach highlighter with very tiny specks of gold shimmer.  This works so well on most Filipinas and same as my application above, I prefer to blend both the cheek color and highlighter shade because it looks better on my skin that way!

Same as above, if you have darker complexion, it is best to apply 2-3 layers of the cheek color alone and highlight key areas around your face!

The Juicy Guava cheek color  applies like a dream so I prefer to use it sparingly with light hand strokes.

The effect is very natural and it would work well with any lip color!  (You don't have to match peach to orange lippie) because the effect is so natural and subtle you can be wild with your lip color and it'll match nevertheless.

Overall, I am very happy on how easy to apply these blushes are!  I highly recommend this especially those who are just starting out on makeup because no matter how much you apply, the effect will always be natural and the extra highlighter shade that is a no-brainer so you don't have to overthink on a separate highlighting powder.

Mary Kay Mineral Cheek Duos costs Php720.00 each available through an independent beauty consultant.  If you want a better packaging, they sell compact container to house your Mary Kay refills.  Please visit for more product information and follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @ilovemarykayph

Which shade do you prefer on me? 
Which shade would look good on you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Juicy guava looks great! Love that this comes with a highlighter that's big enough for a regular brush :D

    1. yes, I love both blush! super subtle yes huge impact!

  2. Ripe watermelon for you and juicy guava for me :) care to share please? :)

    1. LOL thanks for picking but don't worry for do giveaways when I get the chance, I don't give away used kasi! :D


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