Saturday, September 19, 2015

If You Have Furry Friends, You May Want To Invest On....

Tangle Angel's Pet Angel Detangling Grooming Brush!

During the shoot, I've seen how effective these brushes are in helping our furry cats and dogs relax!  I've seen how a nervous cat was suddenly put to ease, how some dogs were looking sleepy after a couple of brush strokes!  I had to get one for my Charchar and Chinchin!

And I got one!  A mini version for smaller dogs and cats!  I have 2 Pomeranian dogs by the way!

The founder of Tangle Angel is actually Richard Ward, based from research, he is a celebrity and royalty hairdresser.  His Tangle Angel brushes were a hit on humans and these humans are using them on their beloved pets, that's when Pet Angel was born!

I myself have been a customer for all kinds of pet brushes and comb for the past 10 years.  It is safe for me to say, Pet Angel is really unique!  I've used this for more than 2 weeks for my beloved Poms and I'm sharing my thoughts on why YOU should invest on this brush!

 The base of the brush is so cute!  It comes with all sorts of colors --- pink, black, yellow, orange, etc... and it has a "paw print" making it very easy to differentiate a human brush and your pet brush! 

The brush itself is made of plastic as opposed to most metal brushes you've seen for pets!  It can gently coax out knots and tangles with ease and my pet actually closes their eyes each time I give them a "brushing session".

I picked mini for smaller dog and do get their regular sized brush for bigger pets!  Even with the smaller size, it is easy to hold even for Mr. AMW!

The plastic base is enhanced with antibacterial additives thus it can reduce the growth of unwanted bacteria.  So far, the bristles are non-scratchy, very soft and gentle to use.

Look at Chinchin's face!

Photo courtesy of Purple Groom x Pet Angel Shoot
Pet Angel is available at Browhaus and Strip Stores together with Tangle Angel.
You can like them on Facebook or follow them on IG @TangleAngelPh

What do you use for your pet dogs/cats?

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